1. Check out little SNATCH OR STARVE with his PB’s
    We had a great time over the weekend with friends and family..

    Crappie with a Minnows,plastics

  2. Got some eaters I’m here now who want them

    Crappie with a Big diddy

    1. Jonathan Thurman 0
      you still got em??
    2. Paul Moore 0
      Chuck Whitaker lol yeah I caught 44 total and kept 25 it’s been doing pretty good out there
    3. Chuck Whitaker 0
      Wish I had seen this 2 days ago! Lol
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  3. Went out for a couple hours and got 12

    Speckled Perch with a Bobby’s

    1. Paul Moore 0
      No problem anytime.Tight lines to ya
    2. Chuck Whitaker 0
      Thanks I will check them out
    3. Paul Moore 0
      Chuck Whitaker maybe 56th street bridge or by the bird Sanctuary inside the park
    4. Chuck Whitaker 0
      Hey guys, Do you think you can catch these fishing from the bank there. New to area, thanks
    5. Paul Moore 0
      Griffin Lenz we’ll all this I’ve been catching them a foot or less close to the bank
    6. Griffin Lenz 0
      What pattern are the crappie currently holding? Depth?
    7. Paul Moore 0
      Dustin Tyler WOW that’s cra z are you for real?see I’m always giving,wow a year ago it’s cra z how these sites will link people up.
      Well I’m off weekends but I’m ...more going to lake Carlyle next weekend it’s in Illinois but hopefully I’ll see you out there boat,bank,docks wherever lol.
    8. Dustin Tyler 0
      Sounds good buddy! I'm pretty sure I saw you out there last year! I remember bc you offered me crappie which is a heck of an offer you don't have many ...more ppl doing that so it stuck with me and I remembered it. We weren't keeping them that day but I will never forget it! And I just might take you up on that I am the same way it's in my blood! I'm at work now but there is nowhere I would rather be than on the water!
    9. Paul Moore 0
      Dustin Tyler Yes it is an I’m only 5mins from it and I LOVVVEEEE to fish for whatever I’ve been fishing since a kid an it just stuck to me lol I wish I was out there ...more now but I’m a 3rd shifter and it’s catching up with me but hey if you ever wanna get out an do some catching let me know that’s all I do an if I’m not I’m watching it on YouTube
    10. Dustin Tyler 0
      Good deal! A lot of ppl don't know so when I see it just want to make sure they are aware! You are right eagle creek is a fun crappie fishery but not a ton ...more of huge fish!
    11. Paul Moore 0
      Dustin Tyler Hey thanks for the info.,,Naw I don’t eat all the fish I keep I bringem home cleanem vacuum seal them and pass them out to about 5 of my neighbors and ...more a couple older people that don’t get to get out an gettem like myself an I feel you on the size limit side but I don’t catch a lot of 12’s an over at eagle creek mostly the biggest be around 10 1/2 -11..Thanks for the tip I appreciate it..
      And always tight lines....
    12. Dustin Tyler 0
      Also the older and larger the crappie the higher percentage of toxins it has. I release all crappie over 12 inches for this reason. Not only does it help preserve ...more the crappie fishery but most importantly those larger fish cut into the amount of fish you can safely consume much more than the smaller 8-10 inch crappie do.
    13. Dustin Tyler 0
      Congrats nice fish! Just a heads up I see you keeping a lot of fish almost daily.. are you eating all those fish?! Bc the fish consumption advisory for Indiana ...more is two 8 ounce portions of wild caught fish per week. For women and children it is only one 8 ounce portion per week. 2 to 3 nice fillets is 8 ounces and let's be honest most ppl don't eat 2 to 3 crappie fillets shoot I eat 6-8 fillets each time I have a fish fry. Wild caught fish contain mercury and PCBs that build up in your system over time. Eagle creek being in the city has unusually high amounts of mercury and PCBs that is why you don't see a ton of ppl keeping a lot of fish regularly out of that reservoir. Crappie over 9 inches contain especially high levels of toxins in their skin and most ppl only keep crappie that are over 9 inches. Just a heads up bc I see you keeping a ton of fish just want to make sure you were aware of the health risks to you and your family. http://www.eregulations.com/indiana/fishing/fish-consumption/
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  4. Muddy,,Windy just another day at the office
    We will gettem‼️

    Calico bass with a Plastics

    1. Rhonda Stidham 0
      thanks Paul for all the good advice.....I'll be checking out Grizzly Jigs too!
    2. Paul Moore 0
      RHONDA Stidham -ALAN LENZ No more than a foot down an real close to shore and crappie nibbles helps sometimes
    3. Paul Moore 0
      Alan Lenz I was gonna say the same but I use a lot of Bobby garlands slab slayers,baby shad,dock shooters any of them really I use minnows when I’m spider rigging ...more mostly unless I have the kids hen slip bobbers, I use stike king shad poles,big diddy baits I can go on an on it’s a store I shop at called GRIZZLY JIGS. They have WHAT EVER you’re looking for for crappies checkem out and sorry for the late response
      To you both
    4. Rhonda Stidham 0
      thanks Alan Lenz much appreciated!
    5. Alan Lenz 0
      Ave's Auto Repair, 3610 S. Green St (S.R. 267), Brownsburg sells bait. I'm going there this afternoon to pick up some minnows. Don's Guns on Lafayette ...more Rd also sells bait.
    6. Rhonda Stidham 0
      Hey Paul, the plan is to be putting in at the boat ramp (42nd street??) around 7:00 am this coming Sunday 5th....I'll keep an eye out for ya...would love to ...more meet you and hear some fish stories! the husband wants to know if there is a bait shop anywhere around that area? I can't seem to find one ANYWHERE on the west side!
    7. Griffin Lenz 0
      Looks great Paul... what color jigs work the best? Weight?
    8. Paul Moore 0
      RHONDA Stidham,,I’ll be out there what time you guys going and I have no problem telling my spots and baits of choice the fish is for everyone 😊 lbs
      ...more 🎣SNATCH OR STARVE🎣
    9. Rhonda Stidham 0
      I’m really hoping to get out there this Sunday and slay em! Anyways it looks like the water is really low and I thought that would be a problem but apparently ...more it’s not. If you don’t mind giving out your secrets what bait are you using for the Croppie? And how deep are you fishing? Also do you have a couple favorite spots? I completely understand if you don’t want to give away your good information.
    10. Rhonda Stidham 0
      I’m really hoping to get out there this Sunday and slay em! Anyways it looks like the water is really low and I thought that would be a problem but apparently ...more it’s not. If you don’t mind giving out your secrets what bait are you using for the Croppie? And how deep are you fishing? Also do you have a couple favorite spots? I completely understand if you don’t want to give away your good information.
    11. Paul Moore 0
      RHONDA Stidham LOL u gotta putcha foot down lol but no problem and if any ??’s I’ll be glad to throw my 2 cents in ain’t nothin like talking about fishing an good ...more luck to ya..
    12. Rhonda Stidham 0
      Wow! If you can do this at Eagle Creek, then I CAN TOO! I am having a
      VERY hard time convincing my husband to take me and our small 14 foot boat to Eagle Creek, ...more but darn it....I am just going to GO BY MYSELF!!!

    13. Paul Moore 0
      Lol yeah u rarely hear that nickname
      Thanks for liking an commenting
    14. Scott S 0
      I just Googled Calico Bass....you are right...I've never heard that name for a Crappie....learn something everyday...lol
    15. Scott S 0
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  5. Went catching and had a ball

    1. Paul Moore 0
      I should’ve put that in my description sorry if I offended anyone. I PLAY BY THE RULES❗️
    2. Paul Moore 0
      Aw sorry it was 4 of us
    3. Scott S 0
      Jake...you are correct sir, 25 fish bag limit on Crappie in Indiana
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      Hmmm I thought there was a 25 fish limit for Crappies on Indiana waters
    5. Don Coe 0
      I hope all of these made someone a wonderful dinner
    6. Theo McAllister 0
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  6. Had a ball at Eagle Creek with the fellas

  7. Who’s up getting ready 🚤🎣🕳

  8. Got my limit of crappie and a couple channels to go with this beast but all in all it was a great day out and if you haven’t been there it’s a excellent lake to ...more give a shot.

    30 lb. Flathead Catfish with a Live minnow fishing for crappie w/4lb line 😎 “SNATCH OR STARVE”

    1. Alexander Hoxsie 0
      how long did it take to get in
    2. Cindy Prosser 0
      That has to be a fun fight on 4lb test!! 👍
    3. Paul Moore 0
    4. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one !!!
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  9. Got out for a little while today and got a few

    Papermouth with a Ice jig/minnow

    1. Brett Camp 0
    2. Erik Hart 0
      Just started bank fishing for crappie this winter at EC. Been going to 56st bridge, but having hard time locating them. Yesterday I tried but water above main creek ...more channel was frozen.
    3. Paul Moore 0
      Between 10-15 fow, do u fish EC often?
    4. Erik Hart 0
      Nice! What depth were you finding them at?
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Just a FISHERMAN who loves the thump the tug and the sound of drag peeling y’all get where I cmn from “SNATCH OR STARVE” ...more 🎣TIGHT LINES🎣

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Crappie,Cats,Whites,Walleyes etc.
  • Waterway Eagle Creek
  • Lure Bobby garland and others,cut baits,in line spinners etc.,blades,jerks,live baits just to name a few