1. Caught hundreds during a three day trip on this 1-80th ginger jig. Clients were tired of catching fish after about four hours. Lol

    Rainbow Trout

  2. Another nice 3 plus bow from Taneycomo

    Rainbow Trout

  3. Lake Taneycomo. Unbelievable amount of scuds in this guy

    Rainbow Trout

  4. Caught these Sunday at a conservation lake in northern Missouri

    Black Crappie

    1. Brian Oglesby 0
      no I haven’t been there. I pretty much strickly fish conservation lakes in NE part of the state
    2. justin sumner 0
      oh, ive messed around from shore down there in the Alton Slough, not very good though, i think boats are allowed in there soon if not now, you fish there?
    3. Brian Oglesby 0
      I believe it picked up my location from where I was when I posted it. does that make sense?
    4. justin sumner 0
      why does it say pool 26 then?
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  5. Found just a few. Left several in the woods because I only had 3 bags.. Lol

    common morel

    1. b ripoer 0
      nice find
  6. Yesterday's take. It was a mixed bag. The gills came on crickets Surface water temp. Was 63 DEG. Fish were caught in eight feet of water five feet deep forty ...more feet from the bank in coontail.

    Black Crappie with a Electric chicken tipped with a shinner

  7. Fishing six ft off the bank two feet deep under a float with quarter Oz jig head. Water temp forty one degrees. North East Central Missouri

    7 lb. 4 oz. 27 in. Channel Catfish with a Live minnows