1. Springtime in North Dakota!!!! Sunny and 50° one day. Snowing and 35° the next. Still no fishing for me. Sometime next month hopefully. Ice is almost ...more gone off the big lakes up here. They're catching pike and walleye in running water going to the lakes. Spawn is going on. Have a great week everyone!!

  2. 50 feet of water. 17” long. 3.06 lbs. what fight. Caught 5. This and 4 that were 15”

    White Bass with a fire tiger buckshot with wax worms

  3. Final day on the ice. Calling it a year. Caught these 5 in 50 feet of water. Gonna smoke these and the 3 from day before. White Bass are definitely a fun catch ...more and very good eating.

  4. Nice day on the ice. Last weekend of ice fishing. By next week the ice will deteriorate to much. Caught these guys in 50 feet of water. Schooled up to 20 feet ...more off the bottom. I love their fight!!!

  5. 50+ feet of water. On wax worms. What a fun fight!!!! 17 inches. 3.06 lbs

    White Bass with a orange and pink tungsten crappie jig

  6. 15 in. White Bass with a chartreuse jigging spoon with minnow head

    1. Randy M 0
      Yes. It'll be decent ice probably thru the weekend. You may have to walk on but the ice itself is good yet Drove on last weekend. It's a matter of how ...more warm it gets
    2. Are they still fishing on Stump and Devils Lake. I want to go fishing tomorrow before I head back to Arizona.
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  7. Slow Sunday. Fished from 8:00-3:30. Fish were there but finicky. Caught nice fish but had to work for them. Hole hopped from noon on in the same area. Water ...more comes over the ice when you drill so it gets slushy out there.

  8. Late post. Saturday's catch of walleyes. 33+ feet of water. No perch. Almost impossible to drive around in 4 wheel drive. Saw numerous guys bury their pickups ...more because they were just busting through. Be walk on from here on out after Sunday's ground drifting. Good luck out there and don't bother me if you get stuck. :)

  9. Took a couple days off. Fishing on the brain. Caught the big walleye a 7:00 AM and finished with the big perch around 12:30. Slow day but quality fish except ...more the 2 small walleyes. 35 feet they don't really make it from that depth. Lotsa snow on the ice. Gotta drive sensibly out there

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      You and ALL of us on this site. lmao
    2. Randy M 0
      Thanks guys. I'd fish every day if it paid
    3. Better than any day at work lol. Nice catches RandyπŸ‘πŸ»
    4. Jimbo Harwood 0
      great haul
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  10. 33”. 7.4 lbs. caught on a 24” light action rod with 6lb mono line and no leader. 35+ feet of water thru a 6” hole with 18” of ice.

    Northern Pike with a VMC tingler spoon with wax worms

    1. Randy M 0
      Just about anywhere. Everyone around here has their area they like. I generally go in the bay at hiway 1. But north of tolna has access. The west side that has ...more access is good also I'm told. Use the map on here for your depths. That's my key
    2. Dan Scrappy 0
      Where is a good spot to fish on stump lake?
    3. Randy M 0
      It's an either or deal. If your going without a guide and have spots to hit on DL that'd be my try. I don't fish but one area of stump. I'm more ...more into finding my spot in one area. I don't move much
    4. Im originally from Grand Forks so will be traveling back and forth from there. Devils Lake it is.
    5. Randy M 0
      Well I'm guessing you're coming in to Devils lake? Start on the big lake. Ask around. Keep stump as your back up. Fishing s decent. Everywhere. Stable ...more weather.
    6. I have never been to Stump Lake. I am flying in from Arizona.
    7. Randy M 0
      You could probably drive out a ways in your car. Depends on where you want to fish on the lake.
    8. Are there good places to fish that I can park my car and walk out to?
    9. Randy M 0
      Thanks Robert. Was quite the ordeal
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      Nothing more exciting than that! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Nice fish Randy!
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Very avid fisherman. Love ice fishing best but open water is a close second. I open water fish just like I ice fish. Anchored over the side ...more straight down jigging.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species perch, walleye, white bass, black crappie, northern pike
  • Waterway stump lake. other small lakes and dams close to me
  • Lure jigs and live bait