1. 23 miles out from Westport

    40 lb. 2 oz. 52 in. Halibut with a pipe jig w/blue herring

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      are them dead
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  2. Details: lake wa honey hole


We are Brent and Kristi, housemates, closest friends and fishing buddies! We live in Renton WA and slayers of Salmon, Steelhead and sometimes ...more Trout... especially for a good Derby! We mostly bank fish on coastal rivers and soon we will have the boat ready splash and then we may as well just live on it even though it's only 17' fishing boat because well be fishing on it all the time! Our goal is to fill the freezer fish, crab, clams and squid... that will never happen since we keep eating and sharing what we catch! Happy days everyone!! Fish On!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Salmon, Steelhead , Trout, Crab, Clams, Swuid
  • Waterway All over the coastal Rivers, and lakes once in a while
  • Lure Whatever is working at the time and place!