1. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be on your side this 2019 fishing season. 📸 Pattern: Super Gill

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Neal M 0
      Luck of the Irish
  2. Now through Sunday (midnight), all lures and merchandise orders over $20.00 are subject to free USPS First Class shipping! This is the perfect time to stock up on ...more your favorite NCB lures for Spring or try out our products for the first time. This offer is valid exclusively through natescustombaits.com.

    Largemouth Bass

  3. Seeing a few 60+ degree days in the forecast! Who else up north is starting to get excited??

    Largemouth Bass

  4. The #NCB Hybrid Darter is an excellent baitfish imitator, presenting the same look as a spinnerbait, but without the unnatural metal arm. As a result, the Hybrid ...more Darter can be fished closer to cover and structure while minimizing hangups. This lure can be fished a variety of ways. However, it performs ideally via a simplistic straight line retrieval method.

    Largemouth Bass with a NCB Hybrid Darter

  5. The Hybrid Vibe has helped propel #NCB Angler Anthony Kashiwsky to several top finishes on both the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay. When fishing either of these waterways, ...more it is always a good idea to have a vibration style lure such as the Hybrid Vibe tied on, regardless of season.

    Largemouth Bass

  6. Need some help rigging the new Shake Up? Here is a quick tip. Because the Hybrid-Skirt works to give the lure action by itself, a larger soft plastic is not necessary ...more to help draw strikes. Instead, a soft plastic segment can be added to the molded in screw lock to help make the lure weedless. This is best done by cutting a small section of a stick bait. The length should be just long enough that that end fits snugly on the tip of the hook up to the barb.

    Largemouth Bass with a NCB Shake Up

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      Great hack man
  7. It’s almost Hybrid Vibe season up North, who’s excited? I know Freddy (Instagram: @thedistinguishedfisherman) is! Over the past few months, several new NCB patterns ...more alongside 4 brand new lures have been released. I think now it’s about time we win some checks with them! 😏

    Largemouth Bass with a NCB Hybrid Vibe

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  8. The “Shake Up” is now available! Check it out today exclusively at natescustombaits.com. — The Shake Up combines the vertical style head shape of the "Shakey ...more Head" together with a hand tied NCB Hybrid-Skirt. The bucktail stands vertically, working to conceal the hook. Once in contact with the bottom, the rubber skirt expands out, giving the lure outward flare and movement. Additionally, a screw lock is molded into the jig head allowing you to further customize the Shake Up by pairing it with any soft plastic lure of your choice. However, because of the built in action of the Hybrid-Skirt, this lure can be effectively fished right out of the package without any additional soft plastic pairing. Though it performs best fished vertically along the weed lines and drop offs, the Shake Up can effectively catch fish in a plethora of environments.

    Largemouth Bass with a NCB Shake Up

  9. One of the key advantages of the Hybrid-Skirt is its ability to disguise the hook. Unlike traditional jig skirts, the hook is kept concealed within the bucktail. ...more This helps to minimize any unnatural shine given off by larger 3/0+ hook sizes. Because a rubber skirt is tied onto the outside of the bucktail, the outward flare and action of the lure is not lost!

    Largemouth Bass

  10. The NCB “Verti-Vibe” boasts both a leading and trailing blade together with a standup style jig head. The lead blade is designed to give the lure vibration while ...more the trailing blade helps to add additional flash. Because both are attached via split rings, either can be removed and reattached as desired. As with every NCB lure, the Verti-Vibe is individually hand tied with a Hybrid-Skirt!

    Largemouth Bass with a NCB Verti-Vibe

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      That's a good looking Jig...I'm going to have to pick some of the double blades
    2. This one here is 6.99...available at natescustombaits.com
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      How much do those cost?
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