1. Details: Walleye with a tubes and swim jigs

    I've caught nice pike, walleye, small and large mouth base and perch here throughout the year. I prefer to fish in the 7-9 foot range because there is some ...more weed growth out there. You can follow this depth line all the way northeast paralleling the long deep hole in the center of the lake. Depths will gradually fall to the 20 foot level. But, the key here is to related to weed growth edges that are usually in the 6-12 foot range. Cast swim jigs or tubes. Unless first light, the fish will relate to the weeds and the bottom. Top waters will work early for bass and pike. The fish out there don't particularly mind boat traffic. Best to fish with milder winds so you can control your boat easier. I've taken 20+ inch limits of walleyes out here. But, you really never know what will bite next. Peak times are the first two hours of light and there is a late afternoon bite.

  2. Details: Walleye with a Swim Jig

    Walleyes up to 21 inches (so far), Pike and small mouth bass on swim jigs and tubes in late spring and early morning during the summer. Also, try jerk baits here ...more for walleye and pike. Follow the 6-10 depths all the way to the point - north. The fish will relate to open water but my best luck has been around weed growth. As of the summer of 2019, for some reason, the weeds in this lake have been dying off since spring.

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Plastic Worm

    Numbers of nice bass can be found within the 7-12 foot range within and on the weed edges along the edge of the island drop off on the northeast side of the island ...more to the northwest point of the island. Get out early before the winds come up in the summer. I caught many bass in the 4+ pound range. This area is very close to the boat ramp. Move from the ramp along the east side of the island and work your way around to the west moving deeper and you get into later morning. Work the shallows in 3+ feet that have weeds and use top waters first thing in the morning and gradually move deeper if you've had no luck.

  4. Hey, I'm thinking of coming up there spring 2019. Looking for Small Mouth and Large Mouth. Let's say early to mid June time frame. Any ideas where on ...more the lake to look? Best times for pre and post spawn?