1. Nice fight on a 5 weight. only catch of the day though so a bit disappointing

    5 lb. 2 oz. 27 in. Common Carp with a Adams mayfly size 16

    1. Kris Kris 0
      wow, cool
    2. Aaron Smith 0
      Nice catch
    3. Ryan Palkon 0
      Looks like a mirror carp cool fish!
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  2. Kayak fishing along the reeds only catch of the day

    1 lb. 9 oz. 10 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Silver minnow

  3. About 14 inches not bad for such a small river

    1 lb. 2 oz. 14 in. Rainbow Trout with a Adams mayfly

  4. Details: Best bass spot in the park

    If you have been to Central Park pond you go to the bridge coming out of the rambles and the fenced off area for the boaters is full of decent large mouth it’s a ...more bit tricky to cast there but once you get the hang of it your just pull up bass every 5-10 casts be careful of raccoons and snapping turtles trying to grab your lure though

    1. Christopher Barclay 0
      You also have good carp at the fountain area not far from the bridge. Did you know that the bridge is made of cast iron...??? It's name is Bow Bridge.
  5. Details: Willow tree

    Near the farthest corner of the pond near that gazebo that people get married at all the time under a willow tree on the path it can get a little crowded at times ...more so don’t expect to fish all day

  6. Stunning Brown trout. Had an Amazing time catching him on a 3 weight really put up a fight

    3 lb. 9 oz. 25 in. Brown Trout with a Sulphur hatch Parachute size 18

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
    2. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice fish!👍🎣
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  7. Just floated a piece of bagel over em and they suck it off the surface and set the hook

    9 oz. 27 in. Common Carp with a Bagels

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Love fly fishing. Been doing it for about twelve years now great sport. Dry Fly fishing for trout is my favorite way to fish I also use streamers ...more and wet flies sometimes, Also love pike fishing and Muskie. I fish the northeastern states mainly rivers like the deleware, beaverkill etc. and most of it is fly fishing so if your interested in that and need tips I can help you out.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Brown trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout, northern pike, Muskie,
  • Waterway West branch deleware river, Farmington river, bantam river
  • Lure Chernobyl ant or Adams’s mayfly or mayhem wet fly, silver spoon, rapala Swedish jig