1. First time fishing lake Arthur from a boat. 4lbs 10 ounces

    1. Charles Clear 0
      I doubt it on the boat. lol. everyone makes fun of my little sea nymph, but we usually catch more fish than them
    2. Rob Davidson 0
      your hooked now. be getting a bigger boat next year now. lol
    3. Charles Clear 0
      yes sir, outbuildings. Love seeing your posts! retirement seems to be finding you well!
    4. Rick S 0
      Outbuildings if I remember..? been almost 6 years
    5. Charles Clear 0
      Thanks Rick! Means a lot from old Nuke Worker like you! You were my supervisor for a hot minute at Beaver Valley
    6. Rick S 0
      Good one!!
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  2. First smallmouth I ever caught at high point. 3lbs 12 ounces

    1. Charles Clear 0
      I've seen other people catch them, but it was the first time we caught one. Love that lake, but man the wind gets out of control
    2. Dwight Blough 0
      nice bass, i haven't seen smallies at high point either...
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  3. First smallmouth caught at high point 3lbs 12 ounces on a 5” senko

  4. Big pickerel 8-8-20

    1. Charles Clear 0
      high point dam lake
  5. 4.65lbs on 8-8-20 white spinnerbait

    1. Charles Clear 0
      high point dam lake