1. My boys killed it this year with the pike. I think this one was their 3rd of the year. They caught probably a dozen between 18-27 inches. Nothing over 30 tho. Caught ...more a bunch of 20 inch walleye as well. Something about that age class, seem to be a lot of them in there. Put everything back

    28 in. Northern Pike

  2. Has anyone been catching any pike or walleye at the Quemahoning recently? I'm new to fishing for them and have only caught a couple trolling so far. I was hoping ...more someone had some hot tips for this time of year

    1. Rich Frollini 0
      Just fish for bass, and you'll catch pike all day long ;-)
    2. Chase Mollomo 0
      I've never trolled Quemahoning, but typically this time of year your best chance is trolling 2.5-3.5 mph in 20ft-30ft of water as they are most likely in cool ...more water. I've had some luck in the summer using deep diving jointed Rapalas with bright colorations. Either way, this is a tricky time of year.
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  3. 1 Walleye trolling yesterday. On a crawler harness


  4. 1 walleye trolling on Saturday.


  5. 30" 12 lb 10 oz carp on the fly. Grew up catching them on corn, now having a blast catching them on a fly rod

    Common Carp

    1. Joe Bateman 0
      Thanks! They so softly are taking the fly, I don't know who's more surprised when I hook one, them or me.
    2. Tyler Straub 0
      This one was taken on my variation of John Montana's carp hybrid fly (I tie tail with brown sili worm instead of red chenille). Carp was tailing on the bottom. ...more I casted in front and past him, dragged the fly back and dropped it about a foot in front of him. He scooted up and pounced on it.
    3. Joe Bateman 0
      If I may ask? What fly(s)? How are you presenting it?
    4. They are a blast on both for sure. A solid challenge on the fly.
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  6. Does anyone know where I can find a printable contour map for the Que? I cannot download maps in to my fish finder nor does it have built in contour map drawing