1. Caught a batch of stripers December 14 and 15. 18 to 21 inches. Below Vera's and all the way down to the power lines. probably caught 200 other shakers . Great ...more day fishing!

    1. Robyn P. 0
      leave some for the rest of us
  2. caught this 50 inch sturgeon north oh Rio Vista bridge on December 15, 2019.

    1. Mojo Slayer 0
      Just wondering, cause the only one I've ever caught took me 40 min on shore & had to flag a boat down then it took another 25 min to get it to the boat. ...more A lot of work for a 6 '3 dinosaur.
    2. Kent Russell 0
      When I hooked him, just felt like a snag. Then my line started moving sideways. Suddenly my pole bent double and he started spooling like it was nothing. Finally ...more got him stopped about 3/4 of the line. Then he just sat. Couldn't move him. Sat like that for 5 minutes before I started pumping him in. Took about 15minutes to get him to the boat. Another 5 minutes trying to fit him in the net and get him in the boat. Now that was some fun!!!
    3. Mojo Slayer 0
      Beautiful fish, How long did it take to reel in?
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  3. caught lots of shakers. finally got a keeper!

    22.0 in. Striped Bass with a night crawler

    1. Larry Balz 0
      right on good job