1. This is the first time I ever seen or caught a walleye, it didn't even put up a fight. My bobber was just barely spinning in circles, so I decided to reel it ...more in and I knew instantly what it was, because I've done research on the fish of Indiana

    1 lb. 8 oz. 12 in. Walleye with a Nightcrawler with a bobber

    1. Timmy Stayton 0
      Ive had some walleye fight like crazy and some not. Regardless, we do not target them for the fight. We all have our own reasons for the species we seek. I know ...more I love walleye for the same reason I love crappie. The fillets. A basket of Brookville lake's finest fried perfectly is one of many reasons I keep that old boat running and spend all those hours out on that water. Hope u all have a wonderful season!
    2. tony vickery 0
      nice fish
    3. Jay C 0
      Nice lil walleye for your first catch! I disagree on the walleye are lazy comment... some of the hardest hitting hardest fighting fish I have caught at brookville ...more were walleye. Catfish just spin in circles and twist up your line.
    4. ryan parker 0
      walleye are very lazy! they really dont fight and barely hit hard
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  2. 1 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Purple crappie jig with blade

    1. tony vickery 0
  3. This is my first time ever catching a crappie. I was using a spinner lure and I was reeling my line in and I didn't know that he was on my line, he didn't ...more even put up a fight.

    8 oz. White Crappie with a Spinner

    1. David Evans 0
      Looks like 2 ozs
    2. tony vickery 0
      that's awesome congratulations
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  4. 5 lb. Blue Catfish with a Waxworm


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