1. Well I finally had a chance to go out. I was at Honeoye Lake yesterday afternoon and had a good time. Lake is a mess and full of cut grass. Anyway I did manage ...more to find that if you found clean water ...throw a wiggle wart to the bank and after two cranks on the reel....fish on. They weren't giants but all were keepers averaging 13"- 15". Fat and healthy. Quite a few anglers c/o fishing being slow but nobody else was shallow. I tried deep divers, jigs, worms and couldn't get a bite in that 8'-12' weedline. On the bank...between the docks. Managed to boat 15 Bass. A great day and the weather was awesome. Tight lines. Ciao.

    1. Grant Blackford 0
      Awesome man. That's what I love about fishing. Just keep on trying. Keep mixing it up until you can figure out the pattern.
  2. Largemouth with a green pumpkin/purple flake 6" senko worm from O-Baits

  3. Largemouth on a popper. 4' water over the top of the weed beds. Lake is full of cut grass due to the DEC cutting grass.

    2 lb. 5 oz. Largemouth Bass with a topwater / popper

    1. James Camardo 0
      This was my first time out in the last 7 weeks. Hope to get out some more. If I do.... I will post again and let you know what's happening. Tight Lines. Jamie