1. 28 in. Striped Bass with a live anchovies

  2. 3 lb. 325 in. Striped Bass with a Great day drifting in San Francisco Bay. Arch Rock area

  3. Hybrid Striped Bass with a yozuri shallow diver. white with red head, white hoochie skirt and tail

    1. see dogg 0
      That's a nice, healthy, broad stripe straight up Striped Bass, Chris! NICE CATCH! Thanks for posting. Ask a California DFW Game Warden, there's no "hybrid" ...more striped bass in California.
  4. Flounder? Would have preferred striper!

    Winter Flounder

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      Nice Starry Flounder Chris!
  5. Another fine day (12-29-18) on the California Delta. 2 in the box! First time trying live mud suckers for BIG late season striped bass. Sacramento River seep ...more channel water light 18, outgoing tide 1-2pm

  6. Only 1 picture per post! So here's that blood. Fortunately for the shaker that the seal will most definitely devour.

  7. Blood on the deck of the new (used) boat on its first day out. Just off Pittsburgh CA on the Sacramento/San Joaquin River. 8 undersized striped bass, no keepers, ...more no sturgeon.

  8. Sitting on a new spot. Only 1 shaker this morning. Time to Git Some!

  9. Trying off the spot in the boat now. Only one little striper in 10 minutes

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Striped Bass
  • Waterway Sacramento River/west Delta
  • Lure Yo-Zuri