1. One more thing: A thank you shout out to Maxcatch for replacing the butt end of thier Extreme 10’ #7 rod, which broke a couple weeks back when I was trying to check ...more a run by a carp I’m gonna say was HUGE (why not? my rod *did* break). Getting even, is what I’d call it for my newly fitted back together rod landing this fella.

    12 lb. 4 oz. 28 in. Common Carp with a Pistol Pete Black Stripper #10

  2. One hour and 7 minutes. I know that’s how long it took to land this guy, ‘cause my wife rung me on my cell at the exact moment I had the fish on (ain’t that the ...more way it always goes? didn’t answer of course) & I checked my watch when I had him safely hauled ashore. That’s the longest it has ever taken me to land a fish, & that includes some big saltwater fish. ‘Course, saltwater, I used heavy gear. I had 6 lb. mono as a tippit, on a 10’ fly rod, with a Pistol Pete Black Stripper #10 at the business end, to catch this guy. I was determined to wear him down enough to safely land. He made repeated runs and simply refused to tire. I wasn’t going to lose him, trying to horse him in. So, it took a little over an hour. Wow. I was shaking. How, How, am I ever going to go back to catching the 10”-12” Rainbow fingerlings they stock the “real”, neighborhood ponds with?

    12 lb. 4 oz. 28 in. Common Carp with a Pistol Pete Black Stripper #10

    1. Joe Bateman 0
      There's a unique approach! Wouldn't want to try it in the retention pond. Or anywhere, myself. But, yeah... I subscribed... look forward to seeing what poundage ...more correlates with what length.
    2. Charles DeGroot 0
      https://youtu.be/2GuoprIzVaU look at the carp near the end of that video. I'll be making a video of spearing them soon, subscribe and you will get notified when ...more I do
    3. Joe Bateman 0
      Just to elaborate (I know, big mouth)--there's no way to "bum rush" a guy like this, 12 pounder. In the pic, see that pincher/grabber tool... that's ...more how. I waded ankle-deep into the shallows, tired him, brought him close enough, at risk of broken rod & sudden surge of fish and away, to latch onto him with that, and drag him up the bank. Even then...
    4. Charles DeGroot 0
      Here we shoot them with bows and full garbage cans with them. My favorite way to hunt them is underwater with a speargun and scuba gear
    5. Joe Bateman 0
      Just to elaborate--no gaff is why it takes so long to land a big fish. I have to "bum rush" them up onto the bank. You know... grab the line and back pedal ...more fast. I've lost many fish that I impatiently tried this on that weren't worn down enough. And sheer weight becomes a factor at around 9 lb. on a 6 lb. test line.
    6. Joe Bateman 0
      That has troubled me as well. The Utah DWR has universal regulations - for instance gaff's aren't allowed anywhere; that gives me trouble landing carp - ...more as well as regulations that vary greatly from each body of water, i.e., mountain lakes and streams, reservoirs, low lakes and local ponds. Carp, however, are universally unwelcome, anywhere. They don't want catch and release unharmed for carp. Some places they spell it out, like WI... kill 'em, don't leave 'em on the bank, though. Kinda vague what to do with them then. They'd prefer you eat them, or dispose of them in a landfill, etc., but I think the unspoken but acceptable way to be rid of them is to fatally wound them, puncture their air bladder for example, & toss 'em back. But I'm not fishing "real" waters. I'm fishing a retention pond for irrigation and city street runoff. Nasty. No game fish could survive. So, I don't know. If it was good waters, I'd definitely not return them. In the waters I catch 'em in... what difference does it make? A gaff sure would make things easier though.
    7. Charles DeGroot 0
      What did you do with it? Here in wi you are not allowed to return them to the water or leave them at the bank, you have to take them and dispose of them, usually ...more in a farmers field.
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  3. I checked the initial run of what I’d guess was a 9+ lb. carp; then, in the normal give & take of line, my new Maxcatch 10’ #7 fly rod cracked at the first joint ...more & the female piece of rod went into the drink and was moving out w/the line when, fish off. A few casts w/the spinning gear I had w/me, & I snagged the floating part & got it in. Hope it gets replaced.

    Common Carp with a PP Black Stripper

    1. George Horvath 0
      wow, carp are awesome
  4. One for five today. Several pods came by & no takers on the P.P. Black Stripper nor a hand tied. Then, on the Maribou, a pod came by and I got an interest, but ...more the fly was spit. I put it back out, & right away, had it mouthed, taken out 10’ or so, then spit again. Put fly back out; again, a hit! Three back-to-back hits is highly unusual! Same result though... spit fly. Then nothing for an hour, until I hooked and landed this 4 pounder, who bent that #12 hook pretty good. I put on a hand-tied, got ahold of one I estimate @ 10 lbs. Lost him trying to drag him ashore after a 15 minute tussle, when the 4x tippit snapped. Lesson: no more 1x #12 hooks & nothing less than 6 lb. leader.

    4 lb. 1 oz. Common Carp

  5. A pretty specimen.

    4 lb. 1 oz. 21 in. Common Carp

    1. Kevin McCarthy 0
      Can't say I ever fly fished for carp but I have caught some steelhead with fly rod . Awesome fight !!!
    2. Joe Bateman 0
      Formidable! Never deliberately fished for, or caught, a carp before moving to Utah. Near the Salt Lake, variety, opportunity for other species is limited. Nevertheless, ...more I'm finding catching carp on a fly (which, I never did that before either) a challenge.
    3. Kevin McCarthy 0
      I would say close to 30 lbs. with 10 lb line
    4. Joe Bateman 0
      What does a carp that length weigh, about?
    5. Kevin McCarthy 0
      I here ya my biggest carp was 38 inches I caught a 36 inches a few years ago on burger king fries. It had a sweet looking red tail like that one!!
    6. Joe Bateman 0
      Ya try & catch what's there. I catch & release anymore anyway.
    7. Kevin McCarthy 0
      Carp will eat anything even a small piece of worm lol I like to catch game fish
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  6. “Pod” describes the gang of 4-7 carp that travel & feed together, & they have each other’s backs. They have sharp senses of smell, vision, touch, and are ...more wary in wild waters. If one spooks the message instantly goes out, and they all split. Another hinderance to catching them on a fly is the so tentative & soft way they take it. They will mouth, then spit it many a time, &, even when well hooked, often find a way of ridding themselves of #12, #10 hooks in the fight. I had four such disappointments today, before getting lucky w/this small 4 pounder.

    4 lb. 1 oz. 21 in. Common Carp with a Pistol Pete Black Stripped #12

    1. Joe Bateman 0
      One of those small details they neglect to tell. My source is flyfisherman.com. It's claimed to be an IGFA record, so it ought to be discoverable.
    2. Charles DeGroot 0
      Do you know the length of that new record? I'm working on beating the Wisconsin hook and line record for smallmouth which is 9#1oz....
    3. Joe Bateman 0
      43 lb. 2 oz. carp on a fly is world record, set this past May, in South Dakota. All one has to do is get one of those 42 inchers where you are to take a fly, get ...more it and in, & voila, new world record.
    4. Charles DeGroot 0
      I'll be creating another video soon of shooting carp with a speargun. If you watch that video, at the end there are some carp ...more in excess of 42" in it...looks fun to catch them on a fly!
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  7. Armed w/an industrial strength magnet and gummy bears, I slogged to my carp ground this morning (water’s up). I dropped a P.P. Olive Maribou 4’ from shore & ...more jigged it a couple of times & got ahold of one. The backing was peeking through when he spit the #12 hook and returned it to me, bent. So the gummy bears, an intended try and see bait, never got put out on a hair rig. Instead I put flys of several variety out for a long time, w/an amazing lack of interest; till I got this guy on a P.P. Ginger #10. Their eyes always seem to be gazing in amazement and incredulity at the hook in their mouth. And the magnet... drug it all over the ground where I lost my first ever I tied fly... where’d could it have gotten to??

    6 lb. 13 oz. 22 in. Common Carp

    1. Joe Bateman 0
      Thank you. I owe 80% of my success to the abundance of carp in this impound. I believe they are as surprised as I when they discover they have a hook in their mouth.
    2. George Horvath 0
      Carp are the most difficult fish to catch on a fly. Congrats.
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  8. I hit the carp ground & as I’ve been doing, got a hair rig out and a homemade boilie soaking, then turned my hand to trying to get a taker on a fly. No action, ...more boilie or fly (Pistol Pete Ginger #10), for 1.5 hrs.; & then, I hook the Goodby Carp. Timed it... we wrestled for 23 minutes before I thought him pooped enough to try to backpedal him up on shore. He was tired enough, but the 4x tippet wasn’t strong enough for a straight line pull of that size fish, & so... Goodby. I almost left. Then I thought, what ghe heck, I’d at least see what this raggedy dog hair, yarn, bird feather Frankenstein, first fly I have ever tied, fly looked like in the water. It was tied on a #8 hook, & I put 6lb. mono on as tippet, & the one that *didn’t* get away is the result. Bad news is, in the thrashing after I hauled him ashore, he snapped the line & spit my *first* hand tied fly. Which, I then could not find. Going back, w/an industrial sized magnet tomorrow

    9 lb. 6 oz. 27 in. Goodby And Hello Carp with a Frankenstien fly

    1. George Horvath 0
  9. You’ve had those days. Can’t seem to get it going & all the portents cry stay home. A front’s blown through & it’s overcast, windy and nippy. But you coffee-up, ...more pull it together & go anyway. Hiking in there’s nary a sign of carp. You put a hair-rig out though, & just for laughs, also cast a fly, fingers crossed. And then it happens... nothing. For hours, nothing. Finally you go home. What? What’d you think??

    Absent Carp

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      lmao.. it happens
    2. Rick S 0
      It happens to everyone... fish your butt off hoping to at least catch a dink... it makes the good days even better
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  10. Bluegill & Green Sunfish replaced carp today. Thank ya, Taylor Glover, for pointing out some differences. Simplified- -Bluegill: rounded body, small mouth, solid ...more “ear” flap. Green Sunfish: oblong body, big mouth, “ear” flap lined w/gold. The carp are on waters made sterile by their numbers; as it cools, bass and trout should be biting soon, elsewhere. But it seems not yet. The only interest I could generate today was these little guys. I caught ‘em using a spincast ultralight and as to lure(s), a small plastic worm/w/propeller spinner, a small goldish spoon, and the Pistol Pete Olive Marabou #12.

    Bluegill with a Green Sunfish & Bluegill


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