1. 37 in. Muskellunge

    1. Terri Duyser 0
      Lannon quarry does not allow boats. It’s way to small for that. Plus it does not have musky. Just saying. Only grew up going to the quarry even before it was a public ...more place. Rumor has it. That they had been working the quarry one day and they went home. Came back the next day for work and all their equipment was under water. There’s construction equipment at the bottom of the quarry including a full sized locomotive with train cars that would hall the stone out. Pretty crazy if you think about it.
    2. no it was at lake x lol
    3. Neil Levey 0
      Nice catch though!
    4. Neil Levey 0
      lol I didn't know Lannon Quarry had Muskie! Or allowed bass boats for that matter?
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  2. 37 in. Muskellunge

    1. Holy mackerel! Nice job!!!
    2. Frank Anders 0
      Nice catch. Good looking Musky!
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  3. 34 in. Northern Pike with a Bill Lewis Super Natural Rat-L-Trap