1. How To Catch Tuna : All Thing You Should Know
    Tuna is a very big fish. It can weigh up to 300 to 1000 pounds! Ost can be caught at 50 pounds though. It all depends ...more on what kind of tuna you are catching. I would start with smaller tuna. The are a lot of fun to reel in and are not overly large.In order to catch tuna, you must have a permit.

    Not only will you need the right bait, poles and fishing wire, you will need to have some strength to pull the big tuna in. Below I have some tips on how to catch tuna....

  2. What Are The Best 5 Tips For Fishing In The Rain?
    Have you ever fished under heavy showers and non-stop pouring? Do you know the right tactics to fish when there ...more is downpour? There might be circumstances when there is heavy rainfall for days but that should not stop you from pursuing the activity of angling. It is true that weather has a huge impact on fishing but with the right expertise, it is easy and can be done easily.

    Have the heavy downpours kept you away for days from fishing? With right tactics, techniques, and experience, it is possible to keep your fishing game strong despite heavy rains. If you are done waiting for the rain to subside and cannot keep yourself off your passion, these tips for fishing in the rain are really effective and helpful....


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  • Species Trout
  • Waterway water and is common in the Pacific Ocean in Asia and the United States

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