1. I'm wanting to take my son bass fishing... It will be from the bank. Where do you guys recommend we go around Indianapolis?

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      Brandon I just pinned the location on my Spots - Smallie Hole
    2. Brandon Wild 0
      Can you pin that on a map and show me a picture?
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Did you ever try White River between the 10th St bridge and Michigan Rd.?
      Some very nice smallmouth and largemouth thru that stretch of river.
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  2. Wanting to go bass fishing tonight! Anybody taking a boat out and want some company?

  3. What is the best bass lake within an hour or so of Indianapolis?? I'll be bank fishing and willing to hike...

    1. check with Scott Sorrell
  4. Taking a buddy catfishing this weekend at Eagle Creek Reservoir... We will be bank fishing, so where should I take him that gives us the best chance to land a couple ...more hogs?

    1. Michael Nelson 0
      Another option is at the boat rental place inside the park, aiming toward the metal structure across the lake (looking N it's at ~9-10 o'clock). It's ...more within casting if you aim at the structure. You hit a deep channel where they bed down.
    2. Michael Nelson 0
      True...I think that's where a 40lb'er was pulled out last season
    3. W Cushingberry 0
      I like to fish for cats along the banks close to the 56th street bridge. I've done good in that area using cut up shad.
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  5. Taking a buddy catfishing this weekend at Eagle Creek Reservoir... We will be bank fishing, so where should I take him that gives us the best chance to land a couple ...more hogs?

  6. Really windy yesterday but still did pretty good! Some real nice bass and about fifteen catfish between 7 and 10 pounds!

    1. Junior Velasquez 0
      O ok i got it
    2. Junior Velasquez 0
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice...from the bank?
    4. Brandon Wild 0
      Turtle Creek
    5. Scott Sorrell 0
      Where did you catch that one?
    6. Junior Velasquez 0
      were is this at
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  7. Anybody fished the Merom Power Plant (Turtle Creek Reservoir)?? Where is best and what bait?

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      I have not fished it recently.....Has some nice bass....I fished the huge piles of wood they have placed.
  8. I'm taking my son to Lake Monroe this evening... Where is the best place to take him for the best bank fishing? (bass, bluegill & catfish)

    1. Mike Young 0
      Under the bridge at Cutwright
  9. I'm heading to Geist Reservoir this afternnon/evening... Where are the best bank fishing spots for bass? Thanks guys!

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      I part on White River Parkway, on the west side of the river. There are small parking areas right off the street. Then just walk down the hill to the river.
    2. Brandon Wild 0
      I've considered stopping there to fish under the bridge by the mouth of that little inlet... But where do you park for that though?
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Another place to consider is White River.....I fish along the bank between 10th street and Michigan St and catch nice smallmouth and largemouth
    4. Scott Sorrell 0
      I fish a jig and trailer around the bridge rip rap...have has some luck in the past....have not been this year
    5. Brandon Wild 0
      I haven't had much luck fishing from along the bridge... Never tried walking past the parking lot and fishing that bank though
    6. Scott Sorrell 0
      Bank fishing is good at Eagle Creek Reservoir. You can park in the lot on the north side of the road just after you cross the 56th street bridge.
      Fishing along ...more the steep bluff area is good and also anywhere along the bridge is good.
    7. Brandon Wild 0
      Other suggestions then on where to go in the Indy area for decent bank bass fishing?
    8. Scott Sorrell 0
      You won't find many bank fishing spots,,,sorry to say
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  10. I need some suggestions! I'm new to the area and haven't really fished EC much yet... If I am bank fishing, where are some decent spots to go for bass and ...more catfish? I don't mind walking or hiking a bit. Thanks

    1. Fen Wick 0
      I catch alot of crappies in the park by the rowing center as well as the marina
    2. Tracy Adams 0
      If you hike in from North west the bank all around the start area of the rowers is all rip rap off the creek channel. The water is only 6-10 ft deep there so good ...more in early season, or late or if the flow goes up
    3. Tracy Adams 0
      Hands down, the two southern points of the 56th st bridge. You can catch everything there. Swing around to the water tower side if the points are full
    4. Scott Sorrell 0
      You can also rent row boats at the park....if you wanted
    5. Scott Sorrell 0
      If you cross the 56th Street bridge going west....On the north side of the road is a parking lot where you can walk in a few direction to find places to fish.
      Several ...more decent bass fishing areas nearby. Fishing under the bridge is also not bad.
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