1. Going to lake Gaston, on family vacation. Are the crappies going to be done with the spawn ? Or will I be able to get my son on some nice slabs?

  2. Going to gogebic in Michigan Saturday the 22end and going to stay about 5 days. Been there 3 years ago and caught lots of walleye and smallies. Like to try and get ...more a few yellow perch this time. Did not really fish for them last time. Anyone have any info on areas to look for them this time of year ?

  3. Hopefully fishing smith Mountain Lake 1st week of June, depending on this virus thing. What types of fishing should I expect ? And again, it’s only if We are able ...more to go.

    1. Frank Moore 0
      Thanks Robert for your information. Very helpful. My brother in law caught a largemouth at 4 lb 10 ounces and one that was 4 lb 4 oz. we caught a couple dozen Quality ...more fish over 2 lb. had many blowups on top water they were under the floating docks. The fish we caught were still on beds. Water temperature was 73 the 1st day and by the end of the week it was 79. Tried some stripper fishing and no luck. Had a great time on the Smith Mountain Lake. Very busy on the weekend but very much alone during the week. I would post a couple of pictures but I am to old to figure out how. All the fish were released to give someone else the opportunity to catch them when they are bigger. Again, thanks for the update.
    2. Frank Moore 0
      Thanks for the info. Will let you know how it goes. So far looks like it’s still planned.
      plastic bait around docks and wood structure. top water early and late.hope water temp is around 68-72
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  4. Heading up to Ontario, Canada Aug, 2020 to fish Lake Wabatongushi. never been there before and wondering if anyone has been there that could share a little info ...more on some hot spots. I have flown in to a couple places in Ontario over the years and have had great experiences. I'm getting a little older and don't get to take trips like this much anymore. My brother-in-law has been wanting to take a trip like this and we figured now is the time. We live in Ohio and figured, lets get out and catch some real fish. we will be staying at loch island lodge and looking forward to the getaway. So if anyone has any good advice, I surely would appreciate it. Thanks, Old Hellbender.

  5. Vacationing on Hubbard Lake in couple weeks. Does anyone know where to catch some perch and walleye? We usually only keep a couple, and release the rest to catch ...more on the next trip. Thanks, Frank. June 10th 2018

    1. Andrew Harbison 0
      My in-laws live on this lake and I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few years. I haven’t had luck, but I know there are good fish in it.
    2. Andrew Harbison 0
      My in-laws live on this lake and I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few years. I haven’t had luck, but I know there are good fish in it.
    3. Matt Courtney 0
      Heading here on Friday! Looking forward to catching some big Smallies!
    4. Frank Moore 0
      Thanks Jerred, your info was very helpful. Lake was very clear and weeds just very patchy and just a few inches off bottom. Very difficult to catch a fish during ...more the day. Managed to catch a few fat smallies between 13 and 15 inches and 2 weighed 3.65 and 4.20. On deep drop offs during evening hours. No perch. Walleye fishing also tuff, but managed to catch 7 keeper size and 3 short fish trolling the area you suggested. Caught walleye all after midnight. We fished hard most of the week and it was tuff. Without your info, it would have been tougher. Again, Thanks. Great place and lots of sandy areas to cool off on the last 2hot day's.
    5. Frank Moore 0
      Thanks Jerred, I will let you know how it turns out.
    6. Jerred Sanders 0
      Friend of mine lives on the lake. He told me he's had the best luck trolling from Churchill Point to Hardwoods Point with Rapalas at sunset.
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