1. Largemouth Bass

    1. george martin 0
      Nice fish brother but there's no bass in Tampa Bay.
  2. Details: Snook with a gold spoon

  3. caught on a chartreuse and orange X-Rap

    Red Drum

  4. 6 lb. 8 oz. Bigmouth Sleeper with a green frog

    1. Kevin McGill 0
      i was about to give up, then BAM!! THIS fucker here lol.
    2. Robert Coleman 0
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a all white top water frog. (Booyah brand)

  6. Red Drum with a finger mullet

    1. Kevin McGill 0
      thx Dr Arthur
    2. Dr Arthur Groves 0
    3. Kevin McGill 0
      thx Teri Tucker
    4. Tery Tucker 0
      very nice!
    5. Kevin McGill 0
      Yes. Very delicious smoked
    6. jujumax11 Semafumu 0
      Do people eat drum
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  7. 37 inch

    Snook with a finger mullet

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  • Species reds, trout , Snook, grouper, Jack's, Queen snapper, snapper, corbis, King fish, tarpon, marlin, tuna.