1. taking a 2nd timer to thermopolis on the big horn river. He said he just hopes he gets lucky and catches a fish. Don't need luck when you with us lol!!! k a ...more little helps

  2. only second walleye ever

    Walleye with a rapala shad rap (perch)

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    2. weston Haley 0
      Are you sure that's not a suager?
    3. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Sweet eye!! congrats!
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  3. going out with my sister before she moves to Provo, bet she catches the biggest one... always has. south worland pond

  4. chartreuse spinnerbait with a blue and pink worm as a trailer weird huh?

    Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

  5. my first hand jigged fish!!! brother and I got tangled up...I have braid, therefore I caught a fish on that stupid lil pink jig tooooo!! DEATH TO THE LIL PINK JIG

    Largemouth Bass with a jerrys's hand-lined pink jig

  6. 3 straight days of 20 plus fish is great for anyone, Jerry you the shit homie. both of us are cramped, sore, and tired. but bet we'll do it all over again. gowyobass!!!

  7. whoop whoop prespawn lol mamma she was heavy for her length

    Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

  8. as soon as the wind picked up we had 5 fish in the boat in a matter of seconds between the two of us

    Largemouth Bass with a spinnerbait

  9. going out this afternoon, little clouds moving around. we are going to the other side of our spot. gowyobass

  10. he took it as it hit the bottom and ran for the current. 7ft 1 piece ugly stik, Abu Garcia black max, 12lb diawa braid (green). peeled drag still with it locked ...more down. 10 minutes of total childlike behavior from a 33 yr old. btw tourists every where. 1 older lady in particular, whom I thought might faint if I proceeded to use the fish for its only other purpose (cut-bait) and lots of it, caused me to put him back. sorry all in thermopolis, I know the rule from the damn to Montana. but she was really truly scared for his life lol. So someone else please collect that monster for me again. (permanently)

    40 in. Common Carp with a crawler

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      nice catch always fun
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Lived in Wyoming for most of my life, spent time in Oregon on the Columbia and Willamette fishing for sturgeon and salmon. also had many long ...more beautiful days on the Wilson river going to Tillamook chasing steelhead and coastal cutthroat. If there is fishable water nearby, BET I have three rods ready to go. my home stream is Ten Sleep Creek, (don't ask for my holes lol, cause I ain't saying) and my largest fish I have caught was a 9 1/2 ft white sturgeon. caught it below bonneville dam with an amazing guide (loren) on a chunk of $@!^0>.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species white sturgeon
  • Waterway Colombia river
  • Lure Panther Martin #9 yellow and red w/ silver blade