1. Look at this lil toad of a sunfish. “Lunch break” fish

    Redear Sunfish with a Lipless

  2. Pre-spawn should be in full gear this next week and bed fishing’s right around the corner!! About to be using a lot of vacation time this spring😁

    2 lb. 4 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Squarebill

    1. Mike, they are already spawning here. Good luck to you
  3. The only fish I landed this morning. Some winter days it’s just dead out there. Great to be out on the water tho 👍

    Largemouth Bass with a Medium diving crankbait

    1. Mike May 0
      Biggin not so much.... lol I don't discriminate tho a bass that bites is a bass I like
    2. Biggin!
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  4. This BBW won the Braggin Board this past week. Appreciate ya darlin

    1. Mike May 0
      Thanks y'all. Everybody on the lake probably heard me hootin and hollerin when I landed her. Usually how it goes w me 😂
    2. jeff mcelroy 0
    3. Monster!
    4. nice, congrats
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  5. Did some island hopping on Travis today. Always a good time out there, caught 5 or 6 around this size

    Largemouth Bass with a 1/2oz Football Jig

    1. Charlton Lee 0
      Thanks makes sense.
    2. Mike May 0
      I'll kayak up and fish the points and bluffs off them on foot. Much easier to adequately jig fish the area surrounding the island
    3. Charlton Lee 0
      Nice one. "Island hopping". Can you elaborate.
    4. Frank Sharkey 0
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  6. Stuck an absolute giant today. Caught her deep in 30+ feet, had my rod doubled over the side of the yak. It was nuts, I’ll never forget this one. First fish on the ...more new Curado 200k, handled her like a breeze. Many more to come😄

    8 lb. 6 oz. Largemouth Bass with a 3/4oz Football Jig

    1. jeff mcelroy 0
    2. Rob Anderson 0
      very nice hawg, I bet it was a blast catching it in the yack
    3. Mike May 0
      Much appreciated y'all. Nothin quite like sticking a fish of this caliber deep on a kayak, it was ridiculous
    4. Awesome winter largemouth!
    5. Scott Sorrell 0
      Congrats...that's a nice bass
    6. very nice 😀
    7. Eric Brewton 0
      Nice one! I just got a Curado 200K and I kayak fish too brother.
    8. Erich Sonntag 0
      Great catch!
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  7. The Curado K series is just straight🔥

    1. So sick
  8. Winter in full swing down here, caught a couple around this size all deep and they fought like a wet rag. Ya boy is ready for these fish to start staging and moving ...more up so I can creep on their fat girlfriends

    Largemouth Bass with a 3/4oz football jig

    1. Mike May 0
      Damn that's Florida for ya. We're getting close to the prespawn bite but still some real cold nights to come
    2. Rob Anderson 0
      they are starting to bed here in central Florida. went for a joyride today around the outside of the lake and spotted several new beds
    3. Frank Sharkey 0
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  9. It happened again..... 😂 didn’t let myself get too excited this time but lord have mercy did she smoke the jig!!

    10 lb. 9 oz. Striped Bass with a 1/2oz football jig

    1. Nice one!
    2. Mike May 0
      We're spoiled here in the dirty south
    3. Rick S 0
      Nice!! You're killing me...best I can do is fish for stocked trout...bring on spring!
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  10. A late start for me but a beautiful morning on Bastrop nonetheless

    1. Rob Anderson 0
      Looks cold but a beautiful morning


Just here to have fun and bully some obese toadlike bass! Keep your lines wet folks ;)

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