1. new best haha i only catch crappie in this spot! searchin for that tiger muskie in this lake....

    1 lb. 1 oz. Black Crappie with a rapala bx swimmer black n silver

    1. keith f 0
      every crappie i've caught was in front of dam. along with giant bass
  2. haha

    Largemouth Bass

  3. i thought they were rainbow trout. haha but that eel thing i have yet to here from locals....

    Sea Trout with a shrimp

  4. some kind of eel, i think. fishing off docks banana river!

    An Eel?

  5. pops was on a roll

    Banana River

  6. Some Kind Catfish with a shrimp

  7. cold wet and windy

    Largemouth Bass with a xrap

  8. Largemouth Bass with a xrap

    1. keith f 0
      thanks! this is the one that swallowed my lure sideways haha
    2. Daniel Mitchel 0
      Nice one!!
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  9. pond completely frozen yesterday. today half the ice was gone! just enough for these guys to try and swallow my lure

    3 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a xrap

  10. fishing season in indiana has begun! as long as everything stays unfrozen....hah

    Largemouth Bass

    1. keith f 0
      right! the second, sometimes third winters still to come. lol half my pond finally unfroze today..couldn't pass the chance for some chilly fishin
    2. Scott Sorrell 0
      With this warmer weather we have had, 2018 fishing season has not ended...lol
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