1. Lake Hickory 9/18 I wanted to check on the boat after the rain. Did not take on a drop. They dropped the lake last week and its dead on full now. Kudos on the management. ...more I grabbed a couple of rods when the entire main channel was boiling. Waste of time chasing schools spread out that far. I never found a cove with schooling fish so i fished channel banks that had wind hopefully blowing bait in. I gave up after 2 hours of casting in and having warmouth hit my bass worms and crankbaits. I would say my Thursday the water should be stained enough to catch some fish. Water temp was 73 and will be back to 80 soon. I did make some brownie points by snagging some nice driftwood. Not much of a report. If you head to Hickory i would not leave dock til sun is up.

  2. Prudence today. Tied down the yard. Made ice, charged batteries for lights. Packed sister up to ride it out. Shes in terror living in double wide. She won a Yett ...more so its here. 5bags of ice in the freezer. New grill works perfectly and it does have a pan burner. All meds in stock.

    I owned a generator. Ethanol made the carb had been in acid. Devoured the seals. Im not able to keep one cranking with my rebuilt neck, back and shoulders.

    If there are any generator people here whats the easiest way? Gas converted to propane with electric start with .

    Would it be cheaper to put in a Generac?

    What size to run it and including 220 and heat pump?
    1800sf 2 story fully insulated.

    If theres anyone in thar business thats a serious gun collector we should talk. Ive got enough high dollar Kimbers, Colts, one of 20 set, SAA.

    PM me.

    Hickory NC

  3. Doldrums ending and the lake will be unfishable if we get expected rain. Just happy to be out. I caught a spot before the largemouth. Excuse the picture. Bass was ...more not in the posing mood.

    Largemouth Bass with a KVD 1.5

    1. thats it lol. Got mine at cabelas i think Gene. Either way they both are good baits👍
    2. Gene Cowan 0
    3. think its a strike king pro model 4s.
    4. Gene Cowan 0
      I was looking at the joke of a webpage at Ass Pro. I swear a 3 year old designed it.

      Is it under KVD S? I was trying to find the really fat bait in the same color. ...more The 1.5 is supposed to go 5ft. Maybe if the lake was dry. Those clowns want a $50 order for free shipping. Academy is $25.
    5. Good one Gene👍Love that color crank the 4s series has little bigger profile and gets down little deeper.
    6. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice bass!!
    7. nice fish and stay safe
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  4. Buzzbait? I have a few old bussbaits with no skirts. I sharpened the hook and put a swimbait on it with no problems. I rigged another with a Zoom horny toad. With ...more the twin tails plus the spinner it has killer action. Im having trouble getting both on plain, especially the toad. Would I be on the right track going to 7.3 gear ratio on 10lb mono? I was using 5.3 with 30lb braid and 12lb fleurocarbon leader. Would a mono leader work well? Scared to try that since i had a disaster trying hybrid leaders. That stuff is so slick the knot would pull apart. Any other hybrid spinnerbaits that work for you guys?

  5. Rod repair near me? Anyone that could do a small rod repair near Hickory, NC? Eyelet liner broke and the bare metal is fraying my line on one of my Abu Garcia 7' ...more baitcaster rods. Shipping isnt viable, $20 each way. Thanks

  6. Catawba chain? Any bass movement at all? Im going to Hickory daylight. My plan is take 2 spinning rods, ultra light with 1/16 spinnerbaits and play with the warmouths ...more and a 30 size with a Ned rig. If anyone is getting topwater bites at dawn ill take a baitcaster. thanks

    1. Good luck Gene.
  7. I went out at daylight. I damn near embedded a KVD Elite treble hook in my leg. It went deep in my soft plastics binder. My fishing pliers are made to cut line not ...more hooks. Quality set of wire cutters will be here Thursday. Its going to happen if you use chemical sharprned hooks. You touch it, you're hooked. Im going over the first aid kit and charging the battery pack on my emergency jumper.

  8. Keep or sell. 94 Sprint 255 16ft 2 live wells, rod locker, greyscale on console and motor guide. New batteries. Seats and carpet look like 24 year old should. I ...more can get the seats redone, 2 to be for $450. That's a no brainer. I'm thinking keep the thing and get the carpet redone, but I have no clue how much that costs. There are a couple guys down here that patch carpet bare spots. Anyone have any experience with that? The motor is strong for a 55. Pushes me at 32 on a boat rated up to 90hp. The biggest plus is its paid for and I can fish 5 days and burn 5 gallons. If I keep it is it worth the money to upgrade my fish finder to chirp, side view? I only fish one lake, I'm in dry dock. Mapping worth the money since I dont crappie fish? Opinions welcome.

    1. Gene Cowan 0
      Engine tuned, lower unit serviced, gages all working again, new plugs and wires and filters. All thats left is to line up the trolling motor with the directional ...more arrow. Said the Yamaha was a tank and looked like low hours for a 94.

      Just for the heck of it i asked him to rate 2 stroke engines.
      1: Yamaha/Mercury
      2: Suzuki (based on thousands less, and if they hold up another 5 years, straight to the top.
      3: Evinrude/Johnson.

      He said they are all good now with fuel injection. Ratings based on what he has seen through the years.

      Normal opinion on 2 options.
      2 stroke for fisherman, 4 for casual.

      How to make a 2 stroke last. Ethanol free, no matter what you hear on commercials. Stick with the same oil. Yahmalube with Ring Free best. Ring Free a must on any boat. Breaks up carbon. The number one tip on a 2 stroke, run it as much as possible. He had several come through with 2500 hours and they ran like new. I can confirm that. I put 2000 hours on a 1990 Johnson and the compression passed easily. I can also confirm the Ring Free works. The first 2 tanks blew all kinds of crud out. Now its just a touch of oil smoke on cold start. Its cheap too. One ounce per 10 gallons.

      I hope the tips help. No one wants to have a breakdown these days of $15,000 to $30,000 outboards.
    2. Gene Cowan 0
      You made plenty of sense. I also tell the Nitro crowd that im spotting them 30 minutes from blast off to check in. Translation: If you cant beat me with that $85,000 ...more Ranger, the Nitro crowd will never stop ribbing you if an antique $4000 boat catches more fish 😏
    3. carl schulze 0
      Tough choices my friend. Sold mine recently, had it 17 years it was an 1985 paid $2500,got $2150. It needed carpet when I got it but it didn't stop me from catching ...more fish. Awesome when they run,sucks when they break. The old "day you get it,day you sell it". Finders are REAL nice these days and oooh $$$$$$$$.$$$$$$ for them or can be. And probably was no help here.
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  9. Hide the sharp objects. I put new leaders on 8 rigs yesterday and spooked a new Revo X with XL. My diary: By suicidal Gene. 1: On the water at first light. 2: ...more Snag fluke after new mono builds an Osprey size nest. 3: Cast Ned under sinking dock. Warmouth snatched my Ned trd and dropped me in the rocks. 2nd lure gone. 4: Enough screwing around. It's getting light fast. Unleash the Terkel frog. One hour flipping it. 0. Let's try a long cast over several trees. Snap. Whoever said that frog is top water is full of s***. $15 lure gone. It was light enough to see now. I use my polarized bifocals and find I had used a hybrid line for the leaders. ALL of the leaders. 5: Grab a white chatter bait. Fish were reading too to bottom. Tie it directly to braid. $7 lure gone. 6: Thankfully no one was the lake. I made up words. **** It. Supposed to drop the boat off for service anyway and All I've got left is the new rig with mono. HMMM. 7: Changed plans. Tied 1 of my 3 ancient traps. Ping. Rusty ring, cuts knot. $priceless$ gone. I taught satan some words. 8: Had everything stowed. There sets my Ned spinning rig. For some reason I didnt change the leader. One last try. I scoot over to a rock wall bank that has a natural spring running through it. First cast. Warmouth steals my small trd. It cant get any worse. I'll fish until I loose another lure. First cast and the normal hit from a spotted bass. Pulled another trd off. I grabbed the most godawful trd I have and cast it back. Tap as soon as it hit. Line starts moving and I slow reeled it until I feel weight. Feels identical to the warmouth I was catching. The next thing I know my rod smacks the boat and doubles under the boat. I'm giving him drag fast. Cut to the chase. It was a spot. I got close enough to see. He got to a tree under the boat and I tried everything I knew to free him. He got loose once and just wrapped the other side. I hand pulled the line as much as I could and got the tree close enough to see the fish. Hook was right in the upper lip. When he saw me he went nuts and broke the one branch I could reach. It was a horrible day that just got even worse. I pray he got loose and made. I dont know the weight. I do know he was much larger body wise than my personal best 3lb spot. Funny I noticed he had the darkest spots almost to his face. I considered going in the water to get him loose but I was in 12 feet of water with submerged trees. I guess I'm out $50 in line and lures and possibly another fish in the NC trophy book. PS: I dropped my boat off. They took me back to my car at the other marina in a pontoon. I set down and got the wet ass. Best hide the rope too.

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      After a day like that, hopefully the shop will have good news.
    2. Bryan Harper 0
      I’ve had some bad days but that’s a horrible day! Hope it never happens again?
    3. Tod Fisher 0
      Wow. I'm sorry for laughing but I've had those days too.
    4. Buddy Pierce 0
      We have all been there!!!
    5. Gene Cowan 0
      Sorry for the rant. I'm waiting for the shop to call and say my outboard is shot.😫
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  10. Will the summer doldrums ever end? I haven't seen a bass in several weeks. I took my wife out to catch some pan fish just for fun. One warmouth in 2 trips. Any ...more clue what's going on? Water temps are low for dead summer, 80 give or take. I'm heading up river and look for stripers until the bass start back. I'm hoping fall does get better. I've never fished fall. I was deer hunting when I was still able to hunt.

    1. Gene Cowan 0
      We have the same attack plan. Clubs are catching there fish at night. Promised wife I would not bite fish alone.
    2. P Swayze 0
      From your pic you know how to catch em..You gotta Get in the nasty brush, weeds, etc and yank em out. In the morning and evening they'll come off cover, just ...more a bit. In the heat, with the sun, cast into shadows and heavy structure. Texas rigged senko is the only bait I've hooked up on this summer.
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Started fishing at 4. Wore out 3 boats. Coming off a 20 year hiatus now that I can manage skin cancer. I got a great Sprint 255 w 55 Yamaha. ...more It pulls me at 32mph and the 10 gallon tank usually lasts 2 weeks. Afraid were going to sell it to get a 19' so we have room for all.

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