1. Caught 2 others today

    Largemouth Bass with a powerbait purple curly tail worm on drop shot

  2. Chocked the swim bait

    Smallmouth Bass with a swim bait

  3. Big small mouth in Havasu biggest bass of my life.

    3 lb. 8 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Ned rig

  4. Smallmouth Bass with a chartreuse chatter bait with swim bait trailer

    1. Thanks
    2. Been using a Chatterbait with a swimbait trailer. Love it been killing it with that combo. Nice smallmouth man.
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I love to fish.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth,smallmouth,pike,striper,catfish,crappie
  • Waterway lake Havasu, Canyon, lake Mary
  • Lure swim bait n senkos