1. Trolling for salmon out of olcott, using the flasher fly combo.

    Chinook Salmon, king salmon with a Flasher fly combo

    1. Cory Hewitt 0
      Thanks guys! That was first king of the year for me.
    2. Nice 👍 King
    3. Erich Senft 0
      beauty nice King man !
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  2. Beautiful morning on Lake Ontario, 22 pound salmon 🎣

  3. Trolling them walleye with wormharness

    Walleye with a Personal made worm harness

  4. Walleye with a Chartreuse jig with bait

  5. Caught 6 , 28 to 31 inch walleye .

    31 inch walleye with a Jigging with worm

    1. great catch dude
  6. AWesome night at Niagara river

  7. Walleye and catfish with a Hook and sinker

  8. Caught walleye limit and nailed a bonus catfish.i did lose a few but,thats fishing!ended the evening with a double.

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  10. 13.5 inch yellow perch First day on the ice and did ok🎣

    Yellow perch with a Jig