1. First Central High School Interclub, what a day! These boys still riding high from their season ending First place and Big Bass. Started this year off with a solid ...more 3rd place and Big Bass finish this weekend.
    Great job keep up the great work we Love Yall!!

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice limit
  2. The boys performed well. They won the final school tournament, they also won big bass. They finished in third place for angler of the year, and third for the King ...more fishermen of the year. It was a great day for our boys, hard work payed off. This was one proud poppa I had to leave the dark shades on the whole time to hide the tears for these boys. Keep up the good work!!
    I love you son.

  3. Dakota hold a few of his catch for the sponsors.

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      Couple of nice bass
  4. This Saturday was the final fishing tournament of the 2019 Central High School Fishing club. Dakota and Scott wanted to add to the awesome Tenth place finish in ...more the state tournament. So how do they top that? They just come out and place first and also lad the biggest bass of the tournament.

  5. May 4,2019 Louisiana High School State tournament. The boys were ready only to see severe weather move into our area. BASS Nation postponed the tournament until ...more Sunday morning. Dakota and Scott headed out on a mission. At the end of the day they placed Tenth place in the high school state. We are so happy for these two young men and all their hard work and dedication this year. Thanks to Captain Phil for putting them in the spots and keeping them focused.

    1. Jerry Parsley 0
      Way to go Dakota & Scott! Placing 10th in the entire high school state tournament...is quite an impressive accomplishment. You guys should be extremely proud ...more of yourselves (as I'm sure your families are)...and, this is only the beginning of what should be AWESOME careers for both of you. I will certainly be watching...and, wishing you both...the Very BEST Of Luck! Keep casting...
  6. Priceless

    1. Nice work guys!!
  7. What a weekend, after a Pre-Fish Friday that found heads hung low and spirts even lower these two boys took on the Saturday Tournament like wild men. When they arrived ...more at the dock the smiles on their faces were priceless. There were some crying moms and dads as these two posted their best ever weight. We are so proud of them, their hard work, the friendship that they have and the families support. We love you guys!! Keep up the good work.
    Special thanks to Captain Phil for all his hard work, and his high stress levels, which got these boys were they needed to be.

  8. The Turkey is gone the tree is stored away, and all the littles bits of paper from the New Years Celebration has been cleaned up. Now it time to get back to work, ...more first tournament this weekend. want to wish my little buddy all the luck in the new year. FISH HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE. I LOVE YOU BUDDY.

  9. It' shard to believe that the 2018 tournament season is over. In two weeks we will be crowning the top three king fishermen in three age groups. Dakota has finished ...more in fourth place again for the second year in a row, hopefully next year he can make the stage. But if he doesn't oh well I am still very proud of my boy. A good friend of mine caught this dude and we helped get it in the boat.