1. 14" ice, rapidly melting

    ice fish Higgins Perch 40 ft

  2. Details: ice fish Higgins laker 95 ft

    1. robert vanvleet 0
      Ya'll have any luck up there?
  3. Lots of non-biting suspended fish, hooked a few pike again, always between 3-5pm, 12 degrees, windy, light snow

    ice fish Mecosta 3

  4. 2 lb. 24 in. Northern Pike with a artificial HD ice lure

  5. Details: ice fish Mecosta 2

    Hundreds of gills, no bites, cloudy, 33 degrees

  6. Pike, bass, bluegill and crappie viewed. Hooked a pike with minnow. No other bites. Sunny, windy, 10 degrees.

    ice fish Mecosta 1

    1. Going back today 1/6/18. Keep you posted.


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  • Species Bass, salmon
  • Waterway Croton Dam, Big Star Lake
  • Lure spawn, Texas rig