1. 6 lb. 40.0 in. Longnose Gar with a shad live

  2. 20 minutes of hard fight at 3 am. 35 inches and 15 lbs.

    Blue Catfish with a Live minnow

    1. Ralph Justice 0
      nice one
  3. Blue Catfish with a Live minnow

  4. Blue catfish

    12 lb. Blue Catfish with a Live minnow

  5. 7 lbs blue cat and 1.5 lbs channel cat.

  6. 8 ft of water, small cove.

    Channel Catfish and crappie with a Live minnow

    1. Tomasz Jozwik 0
      I told him to bring some of his cousins!
    2. vincent s 0
      Nice crappie. I've been looking for him. :)
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  7. Small crappie and chanel cat.

  8. Trolling.

    Largemouth Bass with a Live bait


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  • Species Blue, Channel, Flathead Catfish, Large Mouth, Small mouth Bass, white perch, Blue Gill, Carp, Gar.
  • Waterway Lake Wylie
  • Lure Worms, live baits, plastics, spinner baits, crank baits.

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