1. Guessing on weight. Bigger one was just under 20"

    5 lb. 8 oz. 20.0 in. Smallmouth Bass

    1. Jim Bridges 0
      Slaying em!! Nicely done man. 👍👍🤘🎣
  2. floating downstream vertical jigging

    Walleye with a jigging

  3. Trolling the flats

    4 lb. 2 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Jerk bait

  4. cold and windy

    4 lb. 8 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a rubber grub

    1. Denis Pepin 0
      Thank you much. I have many more to post. Good luck with all your fishing experiences
    2. wicked walleye 0
      nice catch Mr Pepin.👍
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  5. Details: Not sure. I'll call it GOOD SPOT

    Rocky bottom

  6. caught several that day, some were much larger

    4 lb. 1 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Tube

  7. between piers in Holland Michigan

    30 lb. 3 oz. Lake Trout with a spawn

    1. Kenneth Olivo 0


I try to do as much fishing as I can. I can't get enough of it. rain or shine.

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