1. Had 5 of them.

    Brown Bullhead Catfish with a Squid

  2. fishing the Mullica River

    1. Danielle Leonardo 0
  3. fishing the Mullica River.,🐬

  4. everyday is a good day fishing. whether you catch a fish or not.

    28 in. White Bass with a bloodworm

    1. Danielle Leonardo 0
      I didn't know that it said white bass or whatever white striper I don't know computers it's a striper......
    2. Danielle Leonardo 0
      It is
    3. George Horvath 0
      Looks like a striped bass
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  5. There's not more to tell but there's more to catch. 🐬

    White Perch with a Blood worms

  6. just a catfish

    1 lb. 12 in. catfish with a squid

  7. catfish

    catfish with a worm

  8. caught on the New Jersey side Cape May Delaware Bay.

  9. striped bass

    314 in. striper with a bunker

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my name is Danielle I am from Cape May New Jersey. Now living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Saltwater fishing is my way of fishing. Now learning ...more two fish freshwater. any tips are always welcomed

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  • Species striper flounder @ shark fishing any fishing is good fishing fishing
  • Waterway Atlantic Ocean Cape May New Jersey

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