1. caught him with corn on a hair rig and a dough bait made of corn, quick oaks, and strawberry jello powder.

    26 in. Channel Catfish with a Corn with strawberry oatmeal

  2. Well at least I didnt get skunked. Just wiggling a jig

    5 in. Rock Bass with a Rainis Carp Teaser fly

    1. John Malinowski 0
      Rock bass it is thanks bros
    2. carl schulze 0
      Rock bass/ warmouth
    3. Ryan Palkon 0
      I think it's a rock bass basically the same thing lol
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  3. Worm and hook. The bobber about 12 in from hook. Fish on in about 2 mins.

    9 in. Flier with a live worms

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
    2. Gannon Walles 0
      I think it's a tilapia.
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  4. 9 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rainis Carp Teaser fly

  5. Lots of lilly pads right now. Have seen lots of large mouth bass a few turtles and supposedly carp and catfish.

    RAFB Golf Ponds

  6. Using live Canadian nightcrawlers about 12in below bobber.

    12 in. Painted Turtle with a live worms

  7. 12 in. Largemouth Bass with a lizard plastics

  8. Details: Cibolo Creek pool

    Has a bunch of carp

  9. Common Carp with a Corn

    1. John Malinowski 0
      Nice man i think im going to try out some today
    2. travis cole 0
      yesterday the creek I fish in was flooded so I was using nightcrawlers for bait I almost got one in that was easily 15lbs
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  10. Details: Monastery lake

    Usually stocked with trout

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Common Carp
  • Waterway All creeks and rivers in San Antonio TX
  • Lure Corn with strawberry oatmeal pack bait