1. 1 lb. 14 oz. 16 in. Spotted Bass

    1. Little River Trigg Co. Ky caught on a Mepps XD spinner
    2. RON WIEGAND 0
      What lake? Using what bait?
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  2. 2 lb. 17 in. Smallmouth Bass with a mepps

  3. Well this kept the skunk off me today

    Freshwater Drum

  4. 1 lb. 8 oz. 14 in. White Bass

  5. Caught last summer and I didn’t post it then. This fish tied with another Bass as my PB Largemouth

    6 lb. 2 oz. 23 in. Largemouth Bass with a rattletrap

    1. Nice one Rusty! Doesn't matter when you caught it, if it's a nice fish and you're proud of it.... Post it for everyone to see! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  6. Poor fish only had one eye probably would have weighed more otherwise

    3 lb. 4 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a mepps

    1. like it
  7. Seems like I always catch a drum. But he put up a good fight

    Freshwater Drum with a mepps spinner

    1. Barkley Lake
    2. leim rone 0
      where at?
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  8. 1 lb. 12 oz. 14 in. White Bass with a mepps spinner