1. stopped at the saint Croix river off of 243 on way home from work only had about 20 minutes to fish as had to pick my daughter up from basket ball , caught 4 walleyes ...more only one was a nice one 26 inch, 3 were under the 15 inch slot.

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice eye!
  2. In info for sand lake in polk county, There is no walleyes in sand lake any more, they used to stock the lake, but they found that because the lake has no running ...more water in or out that the walleyes did not reproduce so they stopped stocking it many years ago , Before I bought my house witch was 18 years ago, I live right across the road from sand lake, this is just an update for fishidys info.

    1. Sam Martens 0
      They last stocked it in 2003
  3. 11 1/2 inch Blue Gills, lighted Boobers the really big gills only bite after dark

    Blue Gill with a Plain Hook & Leech

    1. J L 0
      Nice catch!
    2. Donald berens 0
      yes thanks Douglas, there all nice after dark nothing under 9 inch, but the one in the picture was the biggest, bay caught in they call stump bay.
    3. Douglas Ward 0
      dude that's a football
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I'm just a regular joe that loves to fish, as much as I can and love eating fish as well, I've fished from Michigan to Canada an N.D,S.D,WIS,MINN, I ...more love hearing about great bites in new places an then I have to go an try my hand in that new place, some times it's good an other times it may take a couple of trips to get on a good bite, But I love a good challenge it makes us a better fisherman.

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