1. Details: 12 lb. Red Grouper

    trolling 5 knts...big wooden plug...single hook w/barracuda belly strip bait...60 ft depth. Location is in front of the light house at Great Isaac, Bahamas.

  2. Details: Memory Rock

  3. Details: rock snails

    use for bait...also edible but boil good first, serve in melted garlic butter.

  4. Details: nice drop off...cast north for sheepshead

  5. best working from south side with incoming tide

    Michelle Rock

  6. Details: steel sailboat hull

    this will ruin your day if you hit it during low tide even at idle speed

    1. Capt Ron 0
      no, this is just southeast of Harbor Branch inlet canal. East side of ICW...the gps coordinates should put you within striking range. I was there on basically ...more a low tide and my boat drafts 3.5'...did a real number on the port prop (twin inboard).
    2. Rolf FF 0
      is that the one by the north Hutchinson island ramp. If so its been there for years.
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