1. that's crazy that's exactly where we used to fish when I was a kid nice beautiful bass

    1. Dennis Basler 0
      Thanks Bud. It's great fishin on the river.
  2. my grandparents lived in canajaharie used to fish the locks for smallies and suckers is I t same place

    1. Dennis Basler 0
      We float from Herkimer to lock 18 in Little Falls.
  3. My little guy and I killed it in the river today. 4 pike, 4 walleye and over 20 smallmouth. Awesome day!

    Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye with a stick baits

    1. joey blaszkiewicz 0
      that is same place I fished a couple summers visiting grandparents during summer in canajaharie
  4. 6 lb. 10 oz. 31 in. Northern Pike with a Mepps 5

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  • Waterway Anywhere there's fish
  • Lure Plastics and spoons