1. Some nice walleye last summer at Cheney fishing 3 to 9 ft. Drop off on points with my favorite walleye and wiper lure, Wally diver! This one was 1/2" short, ...more need to be 21".

    1. Vince Serrioz 0
      Don't know why I can't post pic of the walleye?
  2. Several nice wipers, all around 23" to 25"

    5 lb. 3 oz. Hybrid Striped Bass with a Walleye Diver

  3. Looking forward to catching some of the nice wipers again this year at Cheney Res. Here is a pick from last Sept. of one of many wipers we caught.

    1. Vince Serrioz 0
      This one was 25".

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