1. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a whooper plopper

    1. Bobby Rivers 0
      Is that the campground where the island in front before you get to new marina on right and bridge?
    2. David Haft 0
      Nice bro! My mom's maiden name was Rizzo, lol....
    3. Nicholas Rizzo 0
      they have pads around the boat camping area on the Dam side
    4. Bobby Rivers 0
      Just moved to xenia, are there pads on Ceasears? I run a 18 foot Ranger with 150 merc , trying to find some areas with pads and grass.
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  2. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a whooper plopper

    1. Nicholas Rizzo 0
      yes this spring I did well but to many boats right now I prefer fish during the week or at night. I’ve always done well off the docks at any of the ramps at night. ...more But you got to get there early if you want a spot
    2. Creek Warrior 0
      Ever do any crappie fishing at CC?
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  3. Last day at pere Marquette River egg patterns and egg sucking leach . Hooked a lot of fish fair but only landed a few.

    25 lb. 36 in. Chinook Salmon with a FishUSA Egg Sucking Leech - 2 Pack

  4. Egg sucking leach and egg pattern

    Chinook Salmon

  5. Ceasers Creek night fishing

    23 in. Saugeye

  6. Caught this nice brown whiles targeting King Salmon

    1434 in. Brown Trout

    1. Nicholas Rizzo 0
      pere Marquette River Michigan
    2. CreekWalker 0
      very nice, stout one!
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