1. On our way back home last weekend we stopped at Cosby Creek in the GSMNP. Got this little guy and the girls were happy too!!! Won’t be long before they will be able ...more to fish those small creeks with daddy!!!

    7 in. Rainbow Trout

  2. Thought this was funny is all!!!

    Yellow Perch with a none

    1. Tim Bingham 0
      Steven I honestly don't know!!! Seen this pic and thought it was funny!!! But I would think they would live a little longer since they would be slower and use ...more less oxygen in the water!!! But doesn't cold water have a higher concentration of oxygen in it anyways???
    2. Steven jeffer 0
      do they last long without aerator
    3. Haha!!! Nice
    4. Neal M 0
      That's awesome
    5. Noah Shapiro 0
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  3. Got this football today!!! I swear it was as big around as it is long!!! By far the largest Brook Trout I have ever caught!!!

    Brook Trout with a streamer

    1. Tim Bingham 0
      Thanks Capt!!!
    2. That's a slob Brookie!!! WTG Tim
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  4. Had the biggest fish today until my buddy caught this one!!! Put 20 in the boat and lost many more!!!

    Largemouth Bass with a Lizard

  5. Largemouth Bass with a worm (red shad)

  6. Brook Trout with a Streamer

    1. Todd Houck 0
      Nice Brook!
    2. Ralph Justice 0
      Good catch.
    3. Tim Bingham 0
      Thanks Gents. It was awesome getting out the other day and forgot to post this fish. Caught a few more while out but I haven't been fly fishing or fishing for ...more that matter in over two months. That's just wrong!
    4. Chad Jaco 0
      Beauty Tim !!!
    5. That's a slob Brookie! Nice work Tim
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  7. 22 in. Rainbow Trout

    1. Tim Bingham 0
      It's running good and clear but surprisingly I caught all my fish in fast water!!! If you get untrapped maybe we can meet up there one day!!! But I haven't ...more been to Stone Mountain yet so that may be my next trip!!! I live fairly close to South Mountain so I go there often when I have a couple hours to kill!!! But everywhere I have been it's like the fish are a rare commodity!!! All this rain has washed them out!!!
    2. Beauty
    3. Bill Miller 0
      Nice catch. Been "trapped" in Charlotte for over a month. Last time, the Watauga was running hot and high. What's it like now?
    4. Tim Bingham 0
      Thanks Noah!!! Just wished I could get up there more often!!! With all the rain we have had the last month or so has kept the streams out of the banks and I believe ...more most of the fish have been washed down stream out of the delayed harvest sections!!!
    5. Noah Shapiro 0
      Nice one
    6. Tim Bingham 0
      Got this beauty today wished I had someone with me to get a better photo though!!! Caught a few more but this was the largest of the bunch today!!! But the Browns ...more were aggressive today!!!
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  8. Brown Trout

    1. Daniel Mitchel 0
      What a beast! Congrats!
    2. Tim Bingham 0
      Thanks Chad!!!
    3. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one Tim!!
    4. Tim Bingham 0
      Water has been to rough to wade so broke out the spinning gear and got this guy!!! Seen him earlier from a prior trip and knew this was the monster in that run!!! ...more Can't wait for the water to get back to normal in order to wade and use my fly rod!!! I feel I'm at a disadvantage when I'm not able to wade and fish with it!!! But I guess this gives those trout a fighting chance against me when using spinning gear!!!
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  9. Caught 7 today and lost my net, forgot my sling pack and all my fly boxes were in there!!! Luckily I had my rods still set up from my last trip and had one to break ...more me off!!! So that ended my trip!!!

    Brown Trout

  10. Took my future son-in-law fly fishing for the first time and set him up to fish and showed him how to roll cast and this was his first trout on the fly. Didn’t even ...more get my waders on before he got his first trout. This was a proud moment and now I’m in the doghouse with my daughter because this can become and expensive hobby. We spent the rest of the night looking at gear and now he’s hooked. Great times.

    Rainbow Trout

    1. Tim Bingham 0
      That is true Joe!!! Guiding is something I'm looking into!!! But too scared to try to start!!! I may not be experienced with bass or other species but fly fishing ...more for trout is my type of fishing!!!
    2. Joe Sherer 0
      Yes, and start close in and work your way out farther. I was a guide for about 25 years and we would always know those who were experienced just by watching how ...more they waded and how they worked the water.
    3. Tim Bingham 0
      Thanks Capt!!! And there is nothing wrong with us fly guys Joe!!! It only takes one to ruin us!!! My daughter still can't believe I gave him the fly rod I learned ...more to fly fish off of!!! 8'6" TFO Signature Series 1 two piece!!! The perfect rod to learn on!!! Trying to teach him that fly fishing is more than fishing!!! It's about respecting not only the fish but also the environment and others around him!!! But first I need to teach him not to walk in the runs where the trout are!!!
    4. Joe Sherer 0
      Outstanding, yep, it takes 1 rogue to ruin a man forever! I'm a fly guy too, what's wrong with us?
    5. That's the way to do it Tim!!! Nice work
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