1. 1 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Perch Colored Meps Minnow

  2. 1 lb. 6 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Perch Colored Meps Minnow

    1. Mike Ellertson 0
      SKOL!!!! Go Vikes!!! Stay out of harms way if you're out of country thank you for your service I did 8 years myself
    2. Brandon Parsons 0
      #SKOL !!!!
    3. Mike Ellertson 0
      Nice catch....! SKOL!!!! Go VIKES!
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  3. Small Pond, Small Pan Fish

    Guilford Pond

    1. Sean Hefferon 0
      Good eats!!!
  4. Details: Harman's Pond

    All, This pond is a privately owned pond to whom the residents are very reluctant to allow visitors to come fishing. The residents have legit justification though. ...more Several visitors/fisherman in the past have unfortunately left trash, hooks, and other various belongings throughout the area around the pond to which has caused varying degrees of hardship for the actual residents. Of note, one of the residents had to bring his dog to the vet to have fishing hooks surgically removed costing him over $1000 in unnecessary vet bills. As a fellow homeowner, dog owner, and angler, I can respect his right to privacy and hope you can to. If you absolutely want to fish the pond, you need to have a resident of the community with you. Those are the rules and guidelines that the community has set forth. Respect their right to privacy and personal property. If you choose otherwise, expect the police to be called and likely a trespassing ticket you are guaranteed to wind up paying for since it's private property. The residents are not afraid to press charges against though to whom are less than diplomatic about their property. Sincerely, Brandon P. P.S. I just got back from the pond and learned all to which I have explained. I will not make that mistake again out of respect for the residents.

  5. 6 lb. 2 oz. 28 in. Striped Bass with a Deep Diver Husky Jerk

  6. 4 lb. 21 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rat-L Trap

  7. 3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rat-L Trap


I'm a Minnesotan man, US Marine, and love fishing! I'm married to the love of my life and have a beautiful daughter to show for. Fishing is ...more my escape from work when time is permissive! My team and I love team building through fishing. Semper Fidelis and see you on the water!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Rockfish, Walleye, etc
  • Waterway Centennial Lake, Chesapeake Bay, and everywhere within Minnesota (Home)
  • Lure Crank Baits, Spinner Baits