1. my very 1st steelhead 8lb female c&r

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      good luck maria
    2. Maria V 0
      Great thanks! I’m not far from there. I can’t wait to go!
    3. Maria V 0
      Great thanks! I’m not far from there. I can’t wait to go!
    4. Dominic Smith 0
      Daniel's Park in Willoughby chagrin river
    5. Maria V 0
      Wonderful! Where did you catch it?
    6. Scott S 0
    7. George Horvath 0
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  2. 15 lb. 3 oz. 41.0 in. Flathead Catfish with a live shad

    1. Shaun Miller 0
      nice bro!
  3. 12lb channel rat on cut shad 28 3/4 inch

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      ok thanks alot. my bad. lol
    2. Shaun Miller 0
      That's a blue. It has blunt points on its tail. Channels have sharper points.
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  4. 12 lb flathead on live shad

  5. 22 lb Buffalo on a nightcrawler

  6. can someone please tell me how and where to fish for small mouth I can't ever seem to catch them pointers helpful please

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      thanks people ur input is amazing
  7. anybody else see a pirate face in the wood we were burning while fishing. kinda creepy

    1. Charles Welhausen 0
      Get a metal detector and find that buried treasure chest!
    2. catfish lunker 0
    3. Debbie Ferguson 0
      That’s pretty cool!
    4. Chad Jaco 0
      Oh yeah I see it.
    5. Dominic Smith 0
      Jim it was creepy as shit me n wifey along the river.... at night and this face appears in the fire
    6. Jim Golden 0
      I see it
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  8. caught on shrimp soaked in beef blood 12lbs channel

    1. catfish lunker 0
  9. 9 lb. 9 oz. 27.0 in. Channel Catfish with a nightcrawler

Fishing Favorites

  • Species CATFISH, any other swimming fish
  • Waterway grand river
  • Lure worms, shrimp