1. 7/11/2019 limited out with 2 bluegills, 8 white perch to 9” and 15 red-breasted sunfish on 1/32 oz leadhead jigs and 1.5” twister tails in Back Brook for the 18th ...more consecutive day. Gave 450 fish to a Chinese restaurant. Ultralight jigging is lots of fun when the fish cooperate.

  2. 7/10/2019 limited out for the 17th consecutive day with 4 bluegills and 21 red-breasted sunfish caught on 1/32 oz leadhead jigs and 1.5” twister tails in Back Brook, ...more NJ. 425 fish was a lot.

  3. Limited out for the 16th consecutive day in Back Brook in NJ with 25 red-breasted sunfish on a chartreuse 1/32 oz leadhead jig and 1.5” chartreuse twister tail.

  4. Limited out with 25 fish each of the past 12 consecutive days in Back Brook, NJ, with 1/32 oz leadhead jigs and 1.5" twister tails on ultralight spinning outfits. ...more Broke 2 old reels.

  5. Limited out for the ninth consecutive day while ultralight jigging in Back Brook, NJ.

  6. Caught another fish that is illegal to release in NJ.

  7. 6/27/2019 limited out for the third consecutive day with a chartreuse 1/32 oz leadhead jig and 1” chartreuse twister tail while ultralight jigging in 82.8 degree ...more Back Brook. The red-breasted sunfish were still spawning. Took a pic of a bulldog face sunny alongside a normal sunny.

  8. Limited out in 44 minutes this evening, catching 1 bluegill and 24 red-breasted sunfish with a chartreuse 1/32 oz leadhead jig on 4 lb test line in Back Brook.

  9. After catching a sunfish triple on 2 consecutive days, I limited out on 2 consecutive days.

  10. Caught my 1,000th NJ fresh water fish including a sunfish triple fish today in Back Brook my 89th trip.


I'm retired and make nearly 300 fishing trips per year in NJ.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species carp
  • Waterway Delaware River
  • Lure corn meal