1. Caught a 9 lb carp on my last cast for the day last night with my homemade corn meal bait on a #8 red double hook in Carnegie Lake, NJ.

  2. 5/19/2019 cooked up my first batch of corn meal bait for this year, then caught 19 lb, 14.5 lb and 2 lb carp in Carnegie Lake.

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      Good deal , thanks for the info . I'll give it a try .
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      I half fill a pot with water then add vanilla, yellow food dye, organic black mulberry syrup from Turkey, honey, sugar, yellow corn meal, flour and corn starch. ...more Stir then turn on the heat and stir until done. Since I don't measure or time anything my corn meal bait comes out different every time but the carp usually like it. Sometimes they swallow my #8 treble hook or pull my pole into the water. Since I throw out a can of corn for chum, it would be much easier to use corn for bait but I can't cast the corn bait as far as my ball of corn meal.
    3. f1zhn man 0
      You mind telling your recipe ? I've tried a few different online dough baits , corn and vanilla bread . They are popping but not biting ...
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  3. Caught a 32 lber on 4 lb test Saturday evening with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test in a small pond in Yardville, NJ. It bent the hook but did not escape.

  4. Caught, tagged and released 6 bluefish from 27" to 29" fork length on an Ava A17 in Manasquan Inlet, NJ, Monday afternoon. Returned Tuesday and only caught, ...more tagged and released a 25" fork length bluefish.

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    2. I tagged > 7,900 fish in NJ since 1985 and 243 were recaptured in 11 different states from NH to NC.
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  5. 5/1/2019 Caught and released a 20" pickerel in the Delaware and Raritan Canal yesterday evening with a 1/32 oz jig on 4 lb test line. Also caught and released ...more 6 bluegills, 3 black crappies and a yellow perch in the canal and Carnegie Lake, NJ.

  6. Caught and released 21 bluegills, 2 black crappies, 2 largemouth bass to 12" and a golden shiner yesterday evening 4/29/2019 in a small beaver pond in Hamilton, ...more NJ, with a yellow eyed 1/32 oz black leadhead jig and 1" twister tail on 4 lb test line and my old Penn 716Z ultralight spinning reel. One of the bass swam directly into my neopreme chest waders very fast, then put the hook into the waders before escaping. It was difficult for me to unhook the lure from the very thick, dense material. After I switched to a chartreuse lure, I didn't get a hit. When I switched back to black, I had more action. Caught 512 fish in NJ fresh water this year.

  7. Caught 157 bluegills from the same spot and on the same lure the past 5 days in NJ but didn't limit out for the first time yesterday. Fish are much smarter than ...more people think. They were hitting my twister tail behind the tail and not getting hooked.

  8. 4/21/2019 found a new spot, then caught 109 bluegills to 8" there in the past 3 days on the same lure in the same location. I may return today. Constant action ...more is great.

  9. Caught and released an 18" 3 lb white catfish from Carnegie Lake, NJ, with a Dick's Sporting Goods red worm on a 1/32 oz tube jig and ultralight spinning ...more outfit last week. Caught and released 22 yellow perch, 9 bluegills and a largemouth bass in the rain yesterday there for a total of 211 fish in 28 trips this year which is better than last year. Most of the perch didn't spawn yet.

  10. 3/23/2019 Found 27" and 21" dead striped bass on the bayshore at Thompson's Beach, NJ, down the bay from 3 stake nets. Also saw a toxic red algae bloom ...more on the mud flats in the salt marsh on the blowout low tide. Game Warden was at Foretecue.


I'm retired and make nearly 300 fishing trips per year in NJ.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species carp
  • Waterway Delaware River
  • Lure corn meal