1. Happy 4th! Tried the Pequea creek again but way too fast!

  2. Tried fishing after the rain but the pest hangs out all day!

    1. Jeff Ultican 0
      Sorry bout the turtle 🐢
    2. Jeff Ultican 0
      Tell Mike I went up and fished Henry Severs it was a bust went to hazel creek and found out it was a trolling motor 765 ac very nice lake but don’t have enough trolling ...more motor
    3. karen eichman 0
      couldn't show photo but big turtle who eats everything!
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  3. Muddy creek, lots of snags but still a nice day! Will try again tomorrow!

  4. Thinking hes the same one as last night! After a while those caties all look alike!!

    Snapping Turtle with a Bacon

    1. Jeff Ultican 0
      Never ate a snapper before but they say there good eating
    2. karen eichman 0
      Sorry!! He came after catching my catie....hogged up my fishing spot
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  5. Channel Catfish

    1. karen eichman 0
      Sorry! He came after the catfish!
    2. That not a catfish
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  6. Bail stealer is back!!

  7. Channel Catfish

    1. karen eichman 0
      Thanks!! Nothing says bait like bacon
  8. First day of the season on Pequea Creek!! Will see....


Love camping along different waterways! Got lucky and my RV is right next to the Pequea Creek Seeing catfish, bass, turtles blue herons are ...more a great way to start the day...

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Catfish, Bass
  • Waterway Pequea Creek
  • Lure Worm and frogs