1. Like Mr. Coleman said, "There's more to fishing than fish". Here's the heron that shared his spot with me.

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      Right On Larry! Lol 👍👍👍
  2. Finally decided to fish from my (10 foot aluminum jon boat) this a.m. I got to Newburgh Lake at 8 a.m. decided to use my top water weedless frog. cast past some ...more lily pads, hopped the frog onto one, waited about a minute, hopped it into the water, then BAM Game time! I had to use my hand net. 10 pounds of weeds, 4 pounds of bass. Sears and Roebuck 7 foot fiberglass rod. medium action, 12 pound mono. Taken with my senior phone with two mega pixels. hahaha. Held bass at (36") arms length away. Had another on, but think it was too small for the frog, he let go. It was getting really hot (85 degrees) so I headed home. Also I was greeted by this heron that must have just caught his lunch as he was all wet and was preening his feathers. I was about 80 feet from him and he didn't seem all that much concerned about sharing fishing spots. Then I made a loud noise to make him look at me and he decided to make a hasty retreat.

    1. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      Now, y'all tell me if this sounds like a "spotted" bass or not. Btw, the DNR says they crossed a large mouth with a small mouth to come up with this ...more breed.
    2. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      Let me tell you a little about this hybrid, then you tell me what kind of bass this really is (they do get up to 8 pounds here) I have caught 7 1/2 pounder's ...more out of here. First off when you close their mouths, the "jaw hinge" goes a little beyond the eyes. On a 7 lb. bass they cannot open their mouths more than 4 1/2 to 5 inches. They do not have a solid lateral line, it is broken up and almost non-existent, but the coloring of their sides do go from dark green to lighter towards the belly. They are not very aggressive in their strikes, they will follow and inhale your lure on the surface (like this guy did) then they head for the deeper water. They do NOT break the surface, jump out of the water (trying to shake the lure) like a regular bucket mouth. If you hook one of these in open weedless water, you will think you have a "snot rocket" on your line as it heads deep and fights with his whole body, no head shaking. Even when you get it into very shallow water to "lip" it, no splashing, just turns around and tries to head back to deep water. I have caught these guys from the dock and they do not try to wrap around dock supports, they only seek deep water. I have an idea on what these bass may actually be, but the DNR is keeping their "lips" closed. This is why I only use small 3 to 5 inch bluegills for bait. You never know what breed is going to hit your bait. And fortunately they both like small gills.
    3. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      We have a hybrid bass in our Lake (reservoir) before putting them into our water, they tried them out in a smaller lake where swimming was allowed. When children ...more came running out of the water and said "The fish are biting us!" The DNR checked it out and said it was their "new" hybrid, they were just too aggressive....lol. So they got them all back out, and put them in our reservoir (because there is no swimming allowed).
    4. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      If I have to fish from shore, I use live blue gill in the 3 to 5 inch sizes. If I am fishing from my jon boat early a.m. then I use weedless frogs and rats. After ...more 10 a.m. I will use Gary Yamamoto 6" worms olive green in color. Rigged Texas or in weed free water wacky style. The bass always grabs on the drop.
    5. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      They created to shallow flats in the middle of the lake (reservoir) they go from shallow of 6" deep to 8 feet within 50 feet of the flat on all sides. Bass ...more just love the ambush-abilities of the design. And the Great Blue Heron that shared his spot with me, just loves the "shooting" fish in a barrel effect of the shallows. There are two more flats here, one just west of the island in a cove and one very near the original river channel further west and south of the island, with the same shallow to deep properties.
    6. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      When Newburgh Lake was drained and bottom muck and PCB's removed (seven hundred thousand cubic yards) they replaced the bottom with sand, gravel, big rocks, ...more clay, and new weeds. Unfortunately the algae blooms continue, but not on the massive size they used to be. This all happened around 2001 and 2002. Ban on eating fish from the lake was removed in 2011.
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  3. 27" Bucket mouth. caught on "live" 4 inch bluegill. Newburgh Lake, Livonia, Michigan. Caught last Saturday from the dock. 6 ft. Ugly stick, #2 ...more True turn hook, 20 lb. Spider stealth line (mega weeds) Berkley "cherry wood spinning reel. Returned to water to fight again.

    1. Larry Ciarrocchi 0
      Oh, she weighed 6 pounds even.


Love fishing local lakes and rivers for smallies and Bucket mouths.

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