1. In the slot, so her was released to catch another day

    3 lb. 20 in. Cutthroat Trout with a Trolling Pop gear with Pink Wedding Ring tipped with a worm

    1. Jerry Basford 0
      Sid. I'm not disappointed in your post. That is a great fish. It just makes it easier for those of us that want to see where fish were caught at different times ...more of the year if they're posted immediately. I would actually like Fishidy to have different icons for different times of the year so it would be pretty obvious if they were caught in open water or ice fishing. Keep catching those fish.
    2. Sid BROWNING 0
      This was November 20, The last day I fished Strawberry with my boat. Sorry you were disappointed of the late post
    3. Jerry Basford 0
      This shows that this was posted 3 hours ago, but Strawberry Reservoir is completely iced over and average thickness is six to seven inches. I appreciate posting ...more pictures but it would be nice if they were posted immediately so people looking at Fishidy know if they were caught on open water or when ice fishing.
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  2. Pink

    Kokanee with a squid

    1. david whipple 0
      What kind of squid?
    2. Sid BROWNING 0
      Good Day at Strawberry
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  3. Details: 3 lb. 23 in. Kokanee with a pink shrimp

    Slow but steady


An old fisherman

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Kokanee
  • Waterway Strawberry Reservoir
  • Lure shrimp