1. Casting eel section towards bridge and slow reeling back with no weight and no leader. Smallmouth we're enjoying the more top side baits

    19 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Eel on circle hook

    1. Dale Powell 0
      What part in CT river?? Didnt know they have smallmouth!!
    2. Jason Michelle 0
      Nice! This was m first baitcaster and my first Abu Garcia as well. So far i am loving it, still learning the ropes though. Hope it holds up like yours is XD
    3. Hook Setter 0
      Ain't that a thrill. I just bought the same reel. Hope to have the same luck. You can't beat an Abu Garcia. I have an old open face that I fished out of ...more a lake about ten years ago and still use it.
    4. Jason Michelle 0
      Thanks man, caught on the Abu Garcia Black Max 3 baitcaster using 8lb fluoro and man he was working me. One of the most hard fighting fish for his size i have ever ...more dealt with.
    5. Hook Setter 0
      AWESOME great catch way to Hook'em
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  2. Details: shallow pond

    rear pond in park

  3. bluegill tails seem to be eel heaven. casted about 3 feet from edge and sat and waited for him to take it.

    25 in. American Eel with a chopped bluegill

    1. John c 0
      ahah xp
    2. Jason Michelle 0
      thanks, they're great and so abundant. get them in bite size as well lol. now if only I could get the recipe to those Krabby patties I'd catch all the fish ...more 🎣
    3. John c 0
      live fishing with bluegill my go to bait ... nice catch
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  4. not sure on the species so an ID would be great. hook through top of bluegill head, just the head as bait, cast about 3 feet from edge and sat talking until he came ...more along and ate it.

    11 in. catfish with a chopped bluegill

    1. Jason Michelle 0
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      That is 100% a bullhead, and a nice one at that!
    3. Jason Michelle 0
      oh gosh. answers across the board haha
    4. Allen Hammer 0
      almost positive its a channel cat or mabey a blue catfish
    5. Bill Johnson 0
      I'd say it's a bullhead
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  5. Details: 22 in. Northern Pike with a Rapala crankbait

    Caught in roughly 2 feet deep water at 30 minutes past sundown with waters chummed using chopped eel

    1. Jason Michelle 0
      Not a real keen eye to identifying fish but from what i've seen pickerel have a vertical black stripe past their eye. I don't recall one being there and ...more the video I have there doesn't appear to be one either. So i'm assuming it was a northern pike. He was 22+ inches long. Didn't have a scale with me to measure. Next one I land in this lake i'll be sure to post a picture on the catch. Bait fish were feeding like madmen about 6 feet from the bank i was fishing and I walked out on some rocks about 5 feet out in the mix of them. 20 yard cast straight out and he was on the hook about 10 yards from me.
    2. Kyle Smith 0
      Northern Pike in Coventry Lake? How big was it?
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