1. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a Tear drop jig with minnow

  2. What exact species of fish is this? I think it's a hybrid green sunfish but not certain. Only reason it matters is meets criteria for master angler.

    1. W Step 0
      I catch most of them on worms vs crickets...and sometimes a beetle-spin to provoke a bite when they are spawning/on beds this time of year.
    2. Jason B 0
      Btw, I sent the dnr a pic and those who said it is a redear were right!
    3. Jason B 0
      I'm out on lake now. Can't find them!
    4. W Step 0
      They are very good eating...has mild flavor. The meat is bright white compared to bluegill or bass, also not as fishy as those.
    5. Jason B 0
      I didn't post size, on original post. It's 10in
    6. Jason B 0
      I now feel bad for keeping it since it's a rare fish :(
    7. W Step 0
      Congratulations then...you got a rare one. After 8yrs Army i travel for 25 years and catch them often during this time of year around Central Florida.
    8. Jason B 0
      I originally thought redear but I read online that redear rarely get longer than 9in
    9. Chris Hoakley 0
      Long eared sunfish?
    10. Josh Will 0
      Red ear
    11. Noah Shapiro 0
    12. Michael Balog 0
      it is a red eared sunfish
    13. W Step 0
      red ear sunfish (shellcracker)
    14. Bubba Jones 0
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  3. Caught nothing all day then got these 24 fish in an hour

    Yellow Perch with a Tear drop jig with wax worms

    1. John Sims 0
      Ok cool. Thanks
    2. John Sims 0
      Yeah. Good job. They been doing nothing all day then right before it gets dark the 10"+ come out and go crazy
    3. Jason B 0
      Go to Lakeside Fishing shop at 10/Jefferson, they have been really helpful to me
    4. Jason B 0
      I mostly fished 100 yards or so from shore
    5. Jason B 0
      St clair shores library. Can park at library and drag sled right onto the lake from parking lot. Now that snow is gone you can see the depth and i just walked around ...more looking for holes. I found the bigger ones to be in deeper water (8ft ish). If you are too close to shore you will catch millions of 5in but nothing bigger
    6. Brandon Stahl 0
      witch one and how far out if you don't mind me asking
    7. Jason B 0
      These were caught south of the library. Caught 20 by the library Tues as well
    8. Brandon Stahl 0
      nice catch out of metro??
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  4. 59in 55lb

    Green Sturgeon with a Crawler ball

    1. Tom P. 0
      That's a good one ...However it does look like a spilt pop in the lower right corner? and that is a foul that subtracts 5" from the total size!!
  5. Most of these are vermilion snapper and sea bass. Over 100 lbs of fish but not sure exactly how many there are. Caught in SC about 50 miles off the shore by the ...more gulf stream.

  6. Caught this stingray on accident pier fishing in SC. I'm stepping on its stinger so that I can't get stung. It went safely back into the ocean.

  7. First ever muskie and I landed it with a broken finger! The guy I was with kept threatening to throw me overboard but after I set him straight, it was a ton of ...more fun ;)

    46 in. Muskellunge

    1. Tom P. 0
      If I squint with the sun in my eyes I can see 46"! Wait I thought your right hand was hurt? Could this be the work of Photoshop? lol! Nice catch!
    2. Jason B 0
      Thanks! We are going back out next week to target sturgeon :)
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Skie Jason! 👍👍👍👍
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  8. My gf caught this guy. Smallest pike I've ever seen caught on a legit lure. In a few years I bet it will be king of that lake as aggressive as he was!

    Any ...more chance this is a tiger muskie? It is dark green like a northern but has very defined vertical stripes.

    7 in. Northern Pike with a Spinner bait

  9. I almost caught my first muskie yesterday! Was probably 30 something inch (not a monster) but it came off like 15-20 ft from boat. I blame the captain of the boat ...more for not having a longer net! No way it was my fault!! lol

    1. Jason B 0
      It was a 25ft boat just needed a 25ft net too lmao
    2. cal blair 0
      "we're gonna need a bigger boat"
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  10. Caught 3 years ago (2014) in Muskegon River

    1. Rich Pardy 0


I primary target northern pike and fish any lake within 50 of metro Detroit.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Northern Pike
  • Waterway Any lake within 50 miles from metro Detroit that has pike!
  • Lure Spoons, especially Daredevils