1. Gas $130. Tolls $80. License $25. Weekend fishing with friends...Priceless!!!


    1. thanks Rick!!!
    2. thanks Josh!!!
    3. Rick S 0
    4. Nice work Buddy👍🏻
    5. Nice!😀😁
    6. yes sir Bryan.
    7. Good times the old fashion way with a little cost variance! 👊🎣🤙
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  2. Deep crank baits

    22 in. Walleye

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks guys!!!
    2. nice one
    3. Nice combo to improve the fight!🎣👍🍻
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  3. Cleveland Ohio!!!

    20 in. Walleye

  4. Fatty steelhead!!! Bonus


    1. nice thank Erich!!! 11.5 lb
    2. Erich Senft 0
      dude Buddy....nice chromer big fatski
    3. thanks Melissa!!!
    4. Nice one😀😁
    5. yo bet Capt!!! I’m fishing a six rod program, and that fish took it all out in one shot! so much fun.
    6. thanks Hans!!!
    7. bet that had more zip than the walleye 👍
    8. beautiful SH
    9. Yeah that’s a beast!
    10. thanks Bryan!!! open water. what a fight.
    11. Tank! Awesome catch Buddy!🎣🍻👊
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  5. Killing fish in Cleveland!!! More to come.

    21 in. Walleye

    1. thanks Hans!!! the bite is hot. I’m fishing tomorrow also. looking for the big one.
    2. Awesome! Lake Erie is walleye nation.
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  6. Mixed bag. Walleye bass perch and gills

    Walleye with a crawler harness

    1. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to fish there.
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice mixed bag brother! the👍👊
    3. Buddy Pierce 0
      hi nick. I was fishing in ten foot of water. trolling a harness over top of the weeds.
    4. Nick Julo 0
      Where you catching them at on max?
    5. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks John!!! they r really hitting good here. the fish know winter is coming.
    6. john stimson 0
      nice bunch
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  7. My friend Dave got a nice fish today. Was a nice day on the water. Did some walleye fishing later in the day , but no luck there.

    8 lb. Steelhead

    1. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice long one!🎣👍
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      no. but Lake Michigan is just sport fishing. that fish went back in the water.
    3. J C 0
      are u near the chemical spill?
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  8. Dipsy diver and magnum spoon. 20 feet down in 30 foot of water. 2.5 mph

    16 lb. 7 oz. Steelhead

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    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks John.
    3. john stimson 0
      awesome catch
    4. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice buddy! Goodluck tomorrow! 🎣🎣🎣
    5. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks jimbo. yes today at about 1 o’clock. going fishing tomorrow morning also.
    6. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Sweet fish either way! 👍🎣🍻
    7. Jimbo Harwood 0
      you get that today Buddy??
    8. Buddy Pierce 0
      thank chad.
    9. Buddy Pierce 0
      thank chad.
    10. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one Buddy!!!
    11. Buddy Pierce 0
      I’m trying to get to Michigan soon. I want to fish Huron again. and st. Clair.
    12. Buddy Pierce 0
      thank Erich!!! what a fight. I’m fishing solo. that one smashed it.
    13. Erich Senft 0
      That is a heck of a nice steelhead Buddy wow !!
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  9. OMG!!! The steel company in burns harbor Indiana has done it again!!! They have spilled another toxic chemical in the water. The hole area is shut down. Don’t ...more know how much it was yet. They said it happened Wednesday. No one said anything until today. 🤬🤬🤬. The reports are running wild right now. So lets hope for the best. To be continued...

    1. That’s terrible
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      ok thank for all the info!!!
    3. Jake Joseph 0
      25-30, clean bottom, fish right on the bottom
    4. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks Jake. nice work on max. how deep did you Guys fish?
    5. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks Jake. nice work on max. how deep did you Guys
    6. Jake Joseph 0
      he heard it’s contained to the river/canal and not getting into the big lake.... Doesn’t seem possible but I guess hopefully it’s true.
    7. Jake Joseph 0
      my buddy is off so he’s not sure.... We fished Max one of the best mix bags of the year.... Walleye, Smallies, big Max Gills.....
    8. Jake Joseph 0
      my buddy is off so he’s not sure.... We fished Max one of the best mix bags of the year.... Walleye, Smallies, big Max Gills.....
    9. Bryan Harper 0
    10. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks Jake. did it come from the cooling pond?
    11. Jake Joseph 0
      cyanide release..... that can’t be good
    12. Jake Joseph 0
      cyanide release..... that can’t be good
    13. Erich Senft 0
      that freaking blows !
    14. Jeff Ultican 0
      what a great picture beautiful
    15. Jake Joseph 0
      my fishing partner works there I’ll see what I can find out
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  10. 47 in. Walleye

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks jimbo!!!
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Man you been on fire with them eyes bro! Great fish and pics 👊🎣🎣🎣🍻
    3. b ripoer 0
      Got to love the harnesses good job.
    4. Buddy Pierce 0
      thanks b!!! what an epic weekend. I did see some , but it was no problem. fish are so active here. any thing that goes in the water is getting fish. they are ...more all running stinger spoons here. I run all crawler harness. good luck b.
    5. b ripoer 0
      Nice ones Buddy, how were the mayflies out yourway?
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I'm obsessed with trolling. Walleye or salmon.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye
  • Waterway Lake Michigan
  • Lure trolling crank baits