1. Catfish and Bluegill with a Cricket

    1. James Reynolds 0
      Good fish. I had a lake house on Lake Talquin. as raised around there. Great fishing in lake talquin.
  2. Redear Sunfish with a Cricket

    1. Jeffery Butler 0
      Crappie bream shellcracker
    2. James Reynolds 0
      Jeffery, up in that part of the lake is very stumpy so be careful. God fishing though all over. Unless it is just where you want to go I would suggest Pat Thomas ...more park on the Gadsden county side. So many good places to catch what ever you want. Let me know what you are fishing for and maybe I can suggest what kind of bait you need.
    3. James Reynolds 0
      Carrie, that is a nice Shell Cracker. I am from that area and had a lake house there. Had a dock which we caught lots of them. I really enjoyed catching them when ...more they were on the beds. Are you from over that way ?
    4. Jeffery Butler 0
      Ok thanks i was thinkin Willaims landing i may try my luck on a few slabs also
    5. James Reynolds 0
      Jeffery. Watch out for the stumps in that lake. Very dangerous. One of the best places to fish in NW Florida. Let me know where you are going to put in and I will ...more give you some information. I have fished in that lake for almost all my life.
    6. James Reynolds 0
      Sometime you catch them on a cricket but they prefer worms. I dearly love to get on a shell Cracker bed. Talquin is a great place to find them in the spring.
    7. Jeffery Butler 0
      Nice one. Heading that way next week never fished their any good advice
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