1. by long point state park in bay

    43 in. Muskellunge with a perch rapala

    1. Henry Pylkas 0
      Can only see the head
    2. James Maitland 0
      you can't see the fish.is it not showing up.
    3. Henry Pylkas 0
      to bad we cant see the fish
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  2. 43 in. Muskellunge with a perch rapala

  3. South end below bridge half a mile or so.

    44 in. Muskellunge with a rapala

    1. Henry Pylkas 0
      OK, I just figured out how to open the pic all the way. Very nice couple of fish!!!!
    2. Henry Pylkas 0
      can only see the lips on this one
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  4. 44 in. Muskellunge with a rapala

  5. Musky caught in South end on repala trolling. Chautauqua Lake.

  6. Musky cuaght by long point on repala.
    Chautauqua Lake.

  7. 48 in. gar with a perch

    1. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice longnose!! They love them perch pattern baits.
    2. Marc Maynard 0
      I did not know there were Gar in Chatauqua, and a dandy one at that! Congrats.
    3. maison sliter 0
      one of the better ones I've seen great catch!!
    4. Henry Pylkas 0
      Nice catch!!
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  8. 34

    34 in. Muskellunge with a natural perch rapala

    1. James Maitland 0
      thanks brandon. we went out again today. lost one by casino. had a monster smash the rapala natural perch by camp Chautauqua. broke 65 pound braid. he kept my plug. ...more it was a big one. wished he wouldnt have kept my stuff. someone will find my rap down lake.
    2. Brandon Dorman 0
      Great catch James. Nice to hear your father got back on the water after all those years. jeeze even i'm getting choked up over that feeling you guys shared! ...more Congrats !!
    3. James Maitland 0
      Henry your right. My son serving in usaf will join us next summer hopefully. Itd be great to have one landed with grandpa dad and son. My son was with me when i ...more cuaght a large gar. First for me but i see theres lots being caught. But good times.
    4. Henry Pylkas 0
      Nothing beats Father & Son fishing time, no matter the age!!!
    5. James Maitland 0
      my dad and i cuaght this muskie. released safely. dad grew up here we moved away when we were young. last time we caught one together was 44 years ago. my first ...more ever and his first in 44 years. things i will never forget. it was only 34 but is a number 1 for us.hopefully we can get more together.
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  9. Details: south of 17 bridge

    bay south of brige