1. Brookville Lake. My friend Debbie caught this good looking channel while trolling. I got skunked had three on the hook but they all got off. Tough day. I guess ...more I need to sharpen my hooks.

  2. Shallow near the Dam

    15 in. Largemouth Bass with a Crank Bait

  3. Caught this large mouth bass at East Fork Lake 15" Beauty.

  4. My Ist Muskie caught at Brookville Lake, still amazing the fishery here. Fish are clean and beautiful. Tent camping over the weekend and was very surprise of the ...more quality of the camp grounds. Will be doing that more often.

  5. Hot and Muggy Day , Slow Bite but managed to catch a few.

    18 in. Smallmouth Bass and Walleye with a Crank Bait

    1. Kon Belieu 0
      Thats no problem, I have fished on many small boats and even a kayak. It has taken me a long time to save to have the boat I have today. I would not mind sometime ...more if you would want to fish with me on my boat. We fisherman have to stick together. LOL
    2. Jay C 0
      lol, I will be in my little white 12' starcraft that could probably fit inside or your boat...If we cross paths we can trade some info on what they might be ...more biting on!
    3. Kon Belieu 0
      I am planning to to be there Saturday also. Maybe we can hookup.
    4. Jay C 0
      I've had most of my luck between the dam & causeway. I'm gonna be out there most of the day this saturday drifting and trolling for walleye and/or stripes. ...more Just have to dodge some of the inconsiderate pleasure boaters.
    5. Kon Belieu 0
      Cameron, That would be awesome. I have been eager to learn more about this awesome lake. In the past I usually fished Caesars and East Fork but was not happy with ...more the water conditions. I found that Brookville is much cleaner and even the fish seemed alot cleaner. We have caught a good variety of fish but most of them under size. We are on the hunt for the big ones. LOL
    6. Cameron Jordan 0
      Hey man I started fishing it 5 years ago when I got my nitro we could meet up sometime I farm so fall is busy but later in fall I'm sure I'll be back I really ...more don't have walleye game locked in summer but I do pretty good in spring when there in timber. Half Night crawler on a bass pro 1/16 spinning jig head always comes thru whether on flats or in timber. You might try a drop shot and catch wind on right day and drift on a 20ft flat I haven't tried it yet but i think it could really pull em out
    7. Kon Belieu 0
      I am new to this lake, my first year of fishing it. If anyone could give advise where all the great locations are I would appreciate.
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  6. Fishing near main boat ramp. Early morning light showers and cloudy.

    20 in. Walleye with a crank bait

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